Talk About It Tuesday: Plans

talk about it2

There are a lot of topics we don’t talk about with certain people.  Or really at all.

Why is that?  I have a few ideas.

We are afraid to offend.

Mod Fam Claire

We feel as if the knowledge we have on the subject is inadequate.

Joey Friends

Poor Joey! Only had enough money to buy (or rather was swindled into buying) the V Encyclopedia!

We aren’t sure the stance our present company has on the subject.


But you know what we can talk about?

OUR plans.

Way too many people are still playing “Keeping Up With The Jones'” (or whatever family they are coveting) when really, that’s not fair to you or the Jones’. And believe me, I am guilty of this too.  But once I realized I wasn’t being fair to myself, my entire world and outlook on life changed.

Let’s break it down.

We know what makes us happy.  We know what our goals are.  We know the desires of our hearts. 

Yet, we compare our struggles with the best moments of those that we *think* have it all together.

Social media helps us do that.

We see the perfect Instagram pictures.  We read the doting Facebook posts.

But do you know what we don’t see?

We don’t see the Jones’ behind closed doors – at their weakest – praying for their desires.

We don’t see the Jones’ planting seeds.  Watering those seeds.  Waiting for them to grow.

We only see the Jones’ beautiful garden.

And we want pretty flowers too.  But we forget that in order to have pretty flowers, we have to plant seeds.  And we have to take care of those seeds.  Flowers won’t grow unless we water them.  Far too often we forget to water the seeds.

Even worse – we bypass the entire process and we buy flowers by the bunch at the grocery store – we did absolutely NO work, yet reaped the benefits.  And by reap the benefits we know it’s a temporary fix.

(although I know quite a few people who have become ‘successful’ by riding on the cotatails of others, and as I work my bum off, it really bothers me…you’re not alone if you’re thinking about these people too!)

Here’s the deal, we have quickly become what I like to call the “Microwave Society”.

Microwave Society: wanting something frozen to edible in 60 seconds or less

HA!  Talk about unrealistic.

If anyone has learned about tossing her existing plan out the window and doing what works best for her and her present circumstance, it’s me.

Comparison is the thief of joy. 

Live for YOU.  Not who everyone else wants you to be OR who you think you should be.


4 thoughts on “Talk About It Tuesday: Plans

    • Thanks Claire!
      I haven’t exactly figured out a “Talk About It Tuesday” schedule, but perhaps that is something I need to work on! Actually – great idea…stay tuned. Topics coming to a blog near you on Tuesday! 🙂


  1. I’m pretty sure people look at my social media accounts & feel better about themselves. No one wants a dog that eats all their toilet paper & poops it in the yard.


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