WOW Wednesday: Building a Table/Desk

wow wednesday3

If you’re not watching Fixer Upper on HGTV, stop reading this post and set your DVR to record the reruns right now!

You’ll thank me later.  Or maybe you won’t because you’ll constantly channel your inner Chip/Joanna and you’ll think you can build anything.


I have been on the prowl for a standing desk.  (Because sitting all day is slowly killing us)

Well, what I really wanted to make happen was a treadmill desk but then I realized I don’t want to have to find a decently priced treadmill, transport said treadmill, or carry it up the stairs, so I decided a standing desk would be a great option!

So I consulted Google.  And I really couldn’t find what I had pictured.  Or what I did find was WAY too much $$$.

That’s when this happened:

IMG_20150524_181535751I met a lovely Lowe’s gentleman, who understood my vision, and didn’t laugh at me.  I mean lets be real, I don’t own tools and I’m not exactly someone who has a secret woodshop out back.

Thankfully, Lowe’s cuts wood!

IMG_20150524_175327876 IMG_20150524_175319607

 My new Lovely Lowe’s friend told me what to do, measured everything, and I was off to create!


      So I came home, glued the corners of the insert, and then decided to stain everything. And that’s as far as I got.

IMG_20150525_111008337 IMG_20150525_141322859_HDR

Neighbor let me borrow his drill because apparently the idea of hammering nails into the glued corners is going to take forever.  So I went to my new favorite hardware store and explained to that super awesome gentleman what I was making and that I needed a few screws.  He gave me the appropriate screws, and, well, I can’t figure out how neighbor’s drill works so I can pre-drill holes so I don’t split the wood with the actual screws.  And yes, I downloaded the manual. #FailIMG_20150525_214305683

People – building a table/desk is HARD!  BUT I have spent under $20 so as long as I stay under $50 it’ll be worth it.

(The majority of the desks I liked were over $100)

Now I’m on the hunt for TALL legs. Like jumbo porch spindles.  Mr. Hardware Store gave me a referral to a company who he said would be able to assist with my vision.  Can’t wait to pay them a visit!

Really can’t wait to show you the finished product!


3 thoughts on “WOW Wednesday: Building a Table/Desk

  1. I love that you desire a standing desk but what I really love more than that is that you’re making it. With a Lowe’s friend! Does he work there? Yay for random people who don’t laugh at girls in Lowe’s. My only issue is… why have I not received any snaps about this?


    • Let’s rephrase that to “strongly rethinking making it” 🙂 Oh, I’m pretty sure my “Lowe’s friend” is my friend but I’m not his friend. He wears the important red vest, so he gets paid to be helpful! But man, I can’t wait to bring him pictures of the finished product! I think my favorite new friend is the gentleman from my favorite hardware store – he was REALLY helpful and directed me to a lumber place to buy legs for the desk. Right now it’s just a table top and insert for stabilization.


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