Throwback Thursday: Chocolate Snaps

On social media #TBT became a “thing”.  Everyone loves a good Throwback Thursday picture.

I’m sure if you were to check one or all of your social media accounts, you’d be flooded with pictures of childhood, college, weddings, etc. and you’d be smiling remembering the past.

Well, my TBT memory is dedicated to my FAVORITE cookies from childhood.
chocolate snapsCHOCOLATE SNAPS!

Seriously, I can still taste them.  They came in these adorable little boxes and were pretty much the best thing ever.  They were thin chocolate cookies.  Don’t freak – but I don’t like the crème filling of Oreos, I’d much rather eat the cookie.  (Pause for a funny story) Senior year of college I lived with a gal who liked the crème filling but not the cookie.  It was the BEST combo because we’d buy Oreos and I’d scrape off the filling and leave it in a pile in the package, and she’d scrape off and eat the filling and leave a stack of cookies!  I don’t remember when my beloved Chocolate Snaps were removed from store shelves, but it was probably the mid 90s.

We often see products make a comeback and I’m holding out that Nabisco will revive this one!  The only thing to come remotely close to the taste – coconut Greek yogurt with dark chocolate chips and sliced roasted almonds.  Weird combo, but slightly reminiscent of chocolate snaps.


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