HEY, It’s Friday!

Friday 1

For such a short work week, it sure felt long!

It has been a different week to say the least.  I’m pretty sure I’ve experienced every emotion possible within the past 7 days.  For as many smiles and laughs filled the past week, an equal or greater amount of frowns and tears were shed too.  I know we could all use a little more happy, so here are 5 things that made me happy this week.

#1. CHANDELIER (Sia) \\ Twisted Measure A Cappella \\ Official Music Video

SERIOUSLY….all the feels.  Goose bumps to tears.  No joke.  On repeat for DAYS (and while I type this).

#2. TRADER JOE’S \\ Shortcake Biscuits \\ With FRESH Strawberries & Whipped Cream

TJ's Shortcake

And yes…it has to be fresh strawberries (sliced, with a dusting of sugar, and refrigerated for a bit) and fresh whipped cream (or Redi Whip) NONE of that Cool Whip junk 😉

#3. CHICK-FIL-A \\ Salad/Sweet Tea/Calendar Card Nuggets/Employees \\ Amen! 🙂


Every so often I spend a few hours working from my favorite table at a local CFA.  It’s pretty much the highlight of my work week.  Working from home gets lonely so interacting with humans face to face is key (too many conference calls makes one go crazy!).

#4. WORDS \\ Thank You Pinterest \\ Grace

Friday yes


#5. KINDNESS \\ Senior Prank \\ Memories

This one is a few months old, but what a great idea!



Solid Rock

#6. PRAYER \\ God \\ Plans

For a bonus, would you mind joining me in prayer for the sweet Eddings family?  If you haven’t already heard, they experienced an unimaginable tragedy last weekend.  My heart breaks for them.





Friday 2

Have a GREAT weekend! You’ll want to come back Monday for a weekend recap 🙂


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