Weekend Recap

MondayOh, hey Monday.  Good to see you again.  Glad you’re back in the work week rotation.

On Friday morning, I offered a little hint as to how awesome the weekend was going to be.  Well, let me tell you…I won the friend jackpot!


Lauren brought her adorable golden doodle over and we went to Food Truck Friday for dinner!  It’s one of my favorite Charlotte hotspots.  In true Megan fashion, I forgot to take a picture (much like when Julie and I went last week).  I’d like to think the amount of food trucks, menu options, line length, and people watching lends itself as an excuse to forget to photograph the event. 🙂  In true Food Truck Fashion, Roaming Fork did not disappoint!



Saturday Morning/Early Afternoon:

Julie and I met at Whole Foods to train to become world renowned chefs learn to cook!


Clearly a bathroom selfie was important.  I mean when we have the most popular restaurant ever, we’ll need a picture to remember the morning it all started!


Here’s the thing.  The cooking class was so much fun, it deserves its own post.  Stay tuned – it’s coming this week (maybe even tomorrow)!



Saturday Afternoon/Evening:

After I became a Chef, I packed up and headed to Claire & Dave’s.  The funny thing – I spent the weekend with Claire & Dave exactly a year ago.

This was the start of our weekend adventure 2014:



Dave drove us to a wine bar…in matching shirts…and came back an hour or two later to pick us up. 🙂


Weekend Adventure 2015:

We were still #TeamGreatness, but while Dave was working, Claire and I were doing this:


Reading magazines in the Patio Furniture section of Target.  We kept laughing about how much can change in a year!  Pretty sure if when I visit the same time next year, we’ll bring #BabyHoots to Target, and then Mama Claire and I will walk to the wine bar after baby goes to bed. 🙂  Although how great would it be if you could hang out in the Patio Furniture section of Target AND enjoy a glass of wine?  The snack bar area should look into that!



We went to church – in dresses that would look GREAT in the same photograph.  But since I’m a rookie blogger 😉 and Claire is a ROCKSTAR blogger, we both forgot to take a picture.


What’s that?  You didn’t know Claire blogged?  Well, let’s change that!  Go check her out if you’d like to laugh, and learn how to extend the life of your clothes – http://www.fashionandfeathers.com

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Do they sell wine at Target b/c if so, you’d never have to leave. Hey, maybe Claire could have her baby at Target; like Natalie Portman in the Wal-Marts.


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