Talk About It Tuesday: Learning To Cook

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For this edition of Talk About It Tuesday, let’s discuss COOKING.

Some people come from a long line of fantastic cooks.  Some do not.  Some people can cook/bake anything.  Some people burn water.  I’m all for following a recipe the first time I make something new, and then adding my own twist the next time I make that dish.  However, a cooking class was a first for me – and I wish I took one sooner!

(Sidenote, a cooking class would be a great date night or Girls Night Out event)


Saturday morning, I met Julie at Whole Foods for “Intro To Cooking”.

Let me tell you, I’ve never taken a cooking class but man, this one did not disappoint!  We were maybe 5 minutes in and I was already thinking about how many other classes were offered because I had a sense that the class was going to be fantastic!


Look at this kitchen!  It’s where all the magic happened!


The menu looked complicated, but it was so easy!  In under 3 hours we made dressing for a salad, sautéed veggies, rice pilaf, chicken, and dessert.  Granted, 3 volunteers cleaned up after us AND all of the wet ingredients were premeasured. 🙂 I would totally cook intense meals if I had someone to clean up as I go!

It was a lot of fun to slice, chop, stir, flip, blend everything and really learn the basics.  I must say, Chef Michael was awesome.  I never felt like I was lacking skills – he was really patient and explained everything really well.  At the end, everyone felt so accomplished – and full! 🙂

The first thing we enjoyed was our Blender Vinaigrette on a bed of spring mix (tomatoes were offered too but I didn’t add them!)


There’s a really good chance I told Julie I wished I had some bread to sop up the remaining dressing at the bottom of the bowl because it was that good!

Then we made the most amazing Rice Pilaf ever!  Julie cut some carrots like a champ!

IMG_20150530_111510477IMG_20150530_111656491Somehow I ended up taking our Sticky Beer Chicken in and out of the oven, flipping it, and looking like a lobster in the process!

MLP cook 2

MLP cook 1

Next we chopped and seasoned Sautéed Veggies!

IMG_20150530_121056732 IMG_20150530_120410182

Put the final touches on the chicken, and admired our work!


I can still taste the AMAZINGNESS that is this plate.  I mean I already have my grocery list ready to go because this entire meal will be in my rotation.  SO GOOD.  And man, I could just eat that rice and the sauce from the Sticky Beer Chicken and be happy.

IMG_20150530_121753059 IMG_20150530_121750060I really didn’t have a favorite item out of the Salad with Blender Vinaigrette, Sautéed Fresh Veggies, Rice Pilaf or Sticky Beer Chicken because everything was SO good!

I learned a lot of great tips and techniques and had fun in the process.

And now, for my favorite dessert ever (I mean I was the only person to go back for another tasting)





The happy (and full) Chefs!

If you are lucky enough to live near a Whole Foods Market, I strongly encourage you to take a class.  You won’t regret it!

Although my stomach/hips/thighs/bum/face may regret it soon if I keep that bread pudding around. 🙂


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