Throwback Thursday: Ice Cream


True story: Sometimes I get a little sad when I find a new food item that I love because I am afraid the company will stop producing it.  When I think a product may not last, I tell everyone to stock up, myself included.  I think 5 people telling Target an item is awesome has the power to keep it around. #ItDoesnt

I couldn’t rightly say, but there is a chance I had a freezer full of bagels at one point in my life once I was tipped off that what was currently in the store freezer was all that was left due to the item being discontinued.  #ProudHoarder

The below items have left our grocers freezers – and our desserts haven’t been the same since!

Kidding, I’ve managed.  But man I miss that Oatmeal Cookie Chunk!

Let’s start this Throwback Thursday: Ice Cream Edition with the Freezer Graveyard



Viennetta was a rectangle of ice cream “ribbons” and hard chocolate layers (like Magic Shell).  It had to be cut with a big knife, and made an appearance after dinner with my grandparents quite often!  I can hear my grandmothers voice saying “We brought Viennettaaaaaaaaa!!”  I remember vanilla ice cream and chocolate layers, with maybe a dusting of cinnamon on the top.  I’m sure it came in other flavors but I don’t recall them.  I think this left the freezers in the 90s.

Starbucks Ice Cream.

Boy oh boy, this was GOOD coffee ice cream!  I can still taste the “powerful” yet enjoyable flavor of the coffee.  The chocolate chips were great and they had a flavor that had chocolate covered almonds – also good.  I’m not sure when Starbucks stopped making ice cream, but I wish they’d start again!  I remember this in high school/college but think it stopped around 2009?  Not really sure.

Ben & Jerry’s (and their stupid Flavor Graveyard)

Oatmeal Cookie Chunk

BJ Oatmeal

My absolute favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor. I wish they would just sell those cookies! But man, the ice cream and the chocolate chips, and the cookie chunks = DELICIOUS!  Senior year of college, our “not cafeteria food” options were non-existent Fall semester….so for the first time ever, our declining balance rolled over to Spring semester.  The C Store sold Ben & Jerry’s!  The last month of college I had way more money STUCK on a plastic card than I knew what to do with, and was NOT about to let the university keep it.  So I’m pretty sure I ate a pint (or 2) of Oatmeal Cookie Chunk each week.

Let me know if I missed any extinct desserts!


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