Hey, It’s Friday! 06-05-2015

Friday, glorious Friday. 

5 Things…Let’s Do This! 🙂


#1 New Tires – Mechanics – Ugh


Ok so I didn’t have a flat tire but this was too funny not to share! Also, who really has time for car appointments?

Anyway, in April when I went in for my inspection I was told I would need to replace 2 tires, but had maybe 3 more months until I’d have to replace the other 2.  I believe the direct quote was “It’s not bad enough to fail your inspection, but had you come next month, we’d have to fail you if you didn’t at least replace 2 tires.” GREAT.

This picture accurately sums up how I feel about all things car related:

Tires 2 I LOVE the shop I use for oil changes (and when I’m stuck somewhere and don’t trust what I’m being told, I call them to help me) but they don’t exactly replace tires.  Anyway, after WAY more than I had anticipated spending, I drove home on 4 new tires and a freshly aligned vehicle.  I must admit, I could feel the difference, so I guess The Big Corporate Mechanics weren’t lying. #GoodToKnow

#2. I bought a kiddie pool.  I don’t have kids


Growing up we had a variety of kiddie pools, and when I was in middle school, we added an above ground pool.  When I moved to CLT, I had an awesome apartment complex pool.  Well, when I moved last month, I gained an extra bedroom and a deck, but lost pool privileges.  So weird that this is the first summer in YEARS that I do not have an easily accessible pool.  So, on Sunday, I purchased a kiddie pool for my deck.  It’ll go perfectly with my Adirondack chairs but I’m also on the hunt for a lounge chair. #5OClockOnTheDeck #WineBookKiddiePool #MaybeAFreshStrawberryDaiquiri #SoPale

#3. Bathroom Doors – Whole Foods


Last Saturday Julie & I learned to cook, but visited the restroom first.  How AMAZING is the door on the inside of the restroom???  You just open it with your foot!  Wash your hands and throw away the towel (and not have to worry about looking for a trashcan for a wet towel after opening the door) you just open the door with foot power! #BarneyRubbleWouldBeProud #YaBaDaBaDoo

#4. Props to this guy


Riding his bike and pulling a lawnmower…in the middle of the street.


#5. My FAVORITE for the week – Friends – OMB


This is my friend Brigid.  We grew up together, and were in some of the same clubs in Middle School, but we didn’t really hang out until High School since we both ran Cross Country.  Well, I hadn’t seen Brigid in YEARS but since her boyfriend is participating in the Warrior Dash tomorrow, they flew in last night and are exploring Charlotte and the surrounding areas!  I was SO excited to be reunited last night!  I think my Instagram caption sums up life perfectly 🙂

“If Instagram had been around during High School, many adventures with Brigid, Maire, and a few other MHSXC gals would’ve been so different. Really glad we congregated around the Kitchen Table with the Laundry Basket filled with snacks, and talked and laughed for hours upon hours. No smart phones to “steal” our time or focus, just mothers who called landlines telling us to come home. Simpler times. Although had social media been a “thing”, I’d have a fantastic Flashback Friday collage right now! 🙂
So great catching up with Brigid last night. I love when childhood meets Charlotte!

 Hope you’ve had a great week!  Here’s to an even better weekend!!

Friday 2


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