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I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled “Throwback Thursday” post to share an article I just read that I REALLY like.  Last Wednesday I posted about Beautycounter, how much I love the products and the mission, and how I started.  It was brief. I did not cover everything or dive in to the really amazing facts and figures.  But it was a start!  Well, someone sent me this article, and I knew I just HAD to share it!  Naturally, if you’re interested, I would LOVE to talk to you about Beautycounter and I am always up for a good ol product sample! 🙂

I really encourage you to read the entire article but here are a few of the lines that really stuck with me:

“I’ve chosen to cut down on the amount of shiny black compacts and sleek gold palettes in my cosmetics bag, focusing instead on using only safe, nontoxic skincare and makeup products that are as healthy for me inside as they are glamorous for the outside.”

“Upon receiving a report from my doctor a few years ago that the level of aluminum in my body was notably high (something she said could be attributed to personal-care products), I started to tinker with the idea of researching clean beauty items. However, parting ways with the high-end brand of foundation I know gives me a flawless complexion and just the right amount of glow is easier said than done.”

“Started by Gregg Renfrew in 2012, Beautycounter creates products that straddle the line between clean and effective. “Women were always being asked to compromise on safety and efficacy,” says Renfrew. “Our company was founded on the notion that women shouldn’t have to compromise on their health.”

My note: all it takes is a small step – a building block! You don’t have to change EVERYTHING today, but you have to start somewhere!  “Celebrity makeup artist and Beautycounter’s Head of Creative Design, Christy Coleman, switched her entire professional kit to clean in 2007, so I consulted her on where to start. “Start with your body lotion, face cream, foundation and tinted moisturizer because they cover the largest areas of skin,” says Coleman. Also, lipstick is an important one since we tend to ingest the product throughout the course of wearing it.

“To be clear, I’m not suggesting a massive overhaul of your beauty routine, but incorporating clean products into your regimen should be similar to the way many people approach food: Mostly organic and GMO and hormone free but not without an occasional In-N-Out meal or handful of gummy candy thrown in. And in the same way we’ve become conscious of what is in our food, learning what ingredients are safe also takes time, education and most importantly awareness.”

If you are intrigued by what you read, or would like to know more, I would LOVE to chat with you!  Feel free to comment on this post, or send me an email!

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this post is not sponsored by anyone. heck, no one really knows this blog exists! I just wanted to share a passion! 🙂


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