Awesome MondayAnd so another weekend ends week begins!

Ya know what’s not awesome?  Trying to hang a shower curtain rod by yourself.  Seriously.  Here’s my issue – a LOT of items which require assembly also require two people (IKEA instructions have a picture of 1 person crossed out and 2 people smiling next to it).  The shower curtain rod mentions 2 people numerous times.  And ya know what, that’s just not right.  I really think companies need to get it together and think about the people that are “Party of 1” because that would make my life easier.  Because when I walk out of my bathroom, frustrated beyond belief, and almost in tears, with a curved shower curtain rod still on the floor because I DO NOT HAVE GO GO GADGET ARMS and I cannot stabilize both ends at the same time to lock one side, it makes me furious! I purposely purchased the more expensive curved shower curtain rod because it was NO DRILL REQUIRED and that’s my language.  Now, I’m pretty sure I’m returning it tomorrow and buying the drill required because at least I can most likely drill each side separately. UGH!

Also, I came from having a garden tub for 5 years – so once I moved to a place with a “standard” tub, I just felt claustrophobic in the shower…until I showered at Claire’s and discovered a curved shower rod!



Friday after work I went to Julie & Scott’s to hang out and have Scott assemble my desk/table (yes, that table desk).  I am definitely NOT a carpenter, however, Scott is!  After a lot of brainstorming, Scott sent Julie and I to Lowe’s with a  list.  Well, after a trip to Lowes and Home Depot, we ended up back at the house empty handed.  I’ve got a few more spots to try and hopefully this table/desk hybrid will be complete – and structurally sound – before 2016.  We also watched The Lego Movie which was awesome. 🙂  If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it – it’s funny and has a great message.  It wasn’t until I started typing this post that I realized, I’m trying to build something and we watched a movie about building things.  Well played Julie, well played. #MeBuildingThingsIsNotAwesome

Saturday I worked on some Beautycounter things, and made a game plan for this week, and shopping/errands lists for Sunday.  Once the sun went down, I headed to a birthday party uptown for a former neighbor.  Even at 10:00pm it was 1,000 degrees outside.  UGH!  While it was fun, it was SO STINKIN HOT on the Rooftop, the thought of dancing wasn’t even entertained.  After almost 3 hours of realizing it was never going to cool off, I left.  And turned the AC on full blast once I got in the car! #SoHot #EvenAtMidnight

Sunday I accidentally slept through church (didn’t set an alarm because I was POSITIVE I’d automatically be awake) so I lounged for a little bit and then crossed some things off the list for Saturday.

Hope you had a great weekend!


6 thoughts on “Monday

  1. Sounds like you got way more accomplished than I did. I actually don’t even know what I did this weekend. It never even crossed my mind to write a post for today because I knew I did nothing fun, interesting or productive all weekend. Curved shower curtain rods are the way to go but I do have to confess that ours were here courtesy of the previous owners.


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