Talk About It Tuesday: Failure vs Success

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Failure vs. Success.

failure vs successIsn’t it funny how failure is defined as a lack of success?

See, failure and success go hand in hand.  However, we rarely, if at all, talk about the failures behind the successes.

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I saw this card yesterday and knew others would enjoy it. So I posted it on Instagram, and immediately a friend reposted it.

How often are you consumed in the online life of someone you’ve never met? (we are all guilty of this)

We scroll through our newsfeeds and we see their success.  We see their perfection.  We see everything they are… and we all of a sudden see everything we are not.

But you know what, we don’t have to let the best moments of Mrs. Perfect Instagram, or Miss Perfect Blogger, or Mrs. Perfect Facebook, affect our worst moments.

We view Mrs. Perfect Instagram as perfect because she only allows us to see a perfect snapshot into her day.

We look at that awesome dinner she posted, but we don’t see the pan soaking in the sink because she burned the first batch of chicken.  We don’t see the stovetop completely a mess because the pots boiled over.  We don’t see the amount of food on the floor because she had a slight issue when it came to chopping and moving the chopped items. 

We only see a beautiful 3 course meal.

We read Miss Perfect Blogger’s amazingly written and beautiful photo accompanied posts, because it’s her blog and she’s allowed to only show her good moments.

We don’t see the hundreds of pictures she took to accurately correspond to the words written.  We don’t see the tears shed or the frustration it took to type it all out, but forget to save, and realize her laptop died and she’d have to start all over again.  We don’t see the coffee she spilled on her keyboard because she knocked it over when she was reaching for her cell phone which wouldn’t stop ringing.  We don’t see her checking her bank statement and all sorts of reward points/miles to make sure everything was taken care of accordingly – she earned this trip – and it was pretty much free with the exception of meals. 

We only see a vacation that we’ll probably never go on.

We scroll through and see another perfect post from Mrs. Perfect Facebook, so we ignore it.  Or we like it, or even comment on it, because we feel like we should, although we may not agree, we feel guilty…because everyone else is sharing in the joy.

But what we don’t see is the wording she contemplated each time she attempted to post.  We don’t see how many times she had to carefully select the right words, and retype, as to not change the overall message.  We do not see the series of photos taken to accompany the post.  We do not see the negative direct messages she’ll receive, or the rude comments, which she’ll eventually delete or block. 

We only see how many likes and shares and comments 1 post accumulated.

You know what?  We need to stop comparing our failures to the success of everyone else.  Because one day, our best moment will come.  We are free to share it if we want to, or we can keep it under wraps.  Only we know the endless hard work we put in to get there.

Perhaps we all just need to trust God more.  For when we fail, we are drawn closer to Him, and that is when we succeed.


4 thoughts on “Talk About It Tuesday: Failure vs Success

    • Oh, JoJo is queen! 🙂 I think everyone wants to be her – but that’s a prime example, she’s awesome in all areas, but occasionally does offer a peak into the chaos, and she did share a great testimony, so I’m ok with wanting to be Jojo 🙂


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