Throwback Thursday: Food

Yeah-if-thursdayHere we go again.  Items our taste buds can no longer enjoy.

Planters P.B. Crisps


I had a very unhealthy addiction to these (I mean I can still see them on their designated shelf in Walmart).  They were SO good.  The outside was like a wafer (think Kit Kat without the chocolate) and the inside was this amazing peanut butter creme(or chocolate creme).  Seriously. So good!  I distinctly remember my childhood friend Cassie and I devouring bags upon bags of these one summer!

Rice Krispies Treats Cereal


Total was my cereal of choice.  I didn’t like the options geared towards children, basically sugar in a bowl, but friends ate this.  So I would eat it by the handful (not with milk) because I liked it as a snack.

Reese’s Cookies


I didn’t necessarily like this in one bite – I would nibble away the chocolate and pb, and eat the cookie alone.  man, that cookie was GOOD!  And kind of like a chocolate snap!

Lifesavers Holes

lifeThings I remember: They were good.  They showed up in birthday/Christmas presents.  They came in a really cool plastic tube. My mom thought they were a choking hazard (I was school aged).



If any of Betty Crocker’s people are reading this….I want these back!  I love granola. And chocolate. And these were freaking fantastic!  So good.  I wanted to eat the entire box in one sitting.

Jell-O Pudding Pops


Other brands have tried to replicate these – they have failed.  I remember my grandmother would buy these for my brother and I when we came to visit.  I was always fearful I’d open the chocolate or vanilla one….I really wanted the swirl!

Mickey’s Parade Ice Pops


So good!  I remember these from early childhood.

Wonka Bar


Chocolate and Graham Cracker. Yes, please!

Let’s THROWBACK to LAST THURSDAY….forgot about these ice cream options of the past 🙂

Yukon Cruncher Blizzard from Dairy Queen

This was AMAZING. Vanilla ice cream. Hot fudge. Marshmallow Sauce. Rice Krispie Treats.  Couldn’t find a picture but during my search, I stumbled across another “Treat Yo Self” option:

S’more Galore Parfait from Dairy Queen


Pretty much your lifetime allotment of calories in a tasty treat! 🙂


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