Hey Friday!

Fri ecard

Well folks, we survived another work week!


I’m not sure about you, but this week was crazy!  It was busy, it was tiring, it had some frustrating moments, and it had a little glimmer of hope at times.  Excited to put this week behind me and enjoy the weekend! #EvenIfIFeelLikeILiveOnTheSun #SoHot #ConstantBucketOfSweat #Gross

#1 Friday Favorite – SMoreos (seriously, Nabisco dropped the ball when they didn’t name these SMOREOS)

Fri Smoreos

#2 Friday FavoritePoppy seed Dressing I have Julie to blame but man, this stuff is good! (Though not as good as the first time I licked my plate clean tasted it.) I gifted a jar, kept a jar, and still have a container. Doubling the recipe wasn’t 100% necessary.

Fri dressing

#3 Friday Favorite – Thank you cards Adorable! 🙂  That last line may be my very favorite!

Fri thank you

#4 Friday Favorite – CFA & This table I am a creature of habit…and one of those people who enjoys sitting in the same spot at certain places.  This, being one of those spots/places. #WorkingLunch

Fri cfa

#5 – Friday NOT favorite – Bug What the heck is this?  Post-it used for reference, but this sucker is big.  And was still alive during this photo.  After I snapped this pic, I placed a salsa jar over the bug – yep, death by suffocation. I couldn’t handle the thought of the sound if I stepped on it.  Or what would come out of it.  So, jar it was.  If you have an idea, I’ll gladly send you a pic of the top of this ginormous creature. #Gross #StillBellyUpUnderTheJar

Fri Bug

Hope you’ve had a GREAT week!


#BoutToHaveMeSomeFun #YouKnowYoureSingingAlong

Attempting to link from April‘s super fun blog!


3 thoughts on “Hey Friday!

    • Hi Angelina! Thanks for visiting! I’m afraid you are correct about the bug 😦 I looked at the Orkin bug guide….totally not going so well! Clearly I’m convinced he’s got a family hidden somewhere – that’s about to end soon! 🙂


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