Weekend Recap


As much as I enjoy a plan (hello, just look at the title of this blog!), every so often I can be spontaneous.

Spontaneity may not be my strongest quality, and I assure you I am working on it, but I do think I have really improved.  Friday happens to be a prime example of my ability to be spontaneous!

A friend of mine sent me a text at 5:16pm regarding dinner plans.  That lead to a phone call to sort things out and 40 minutes later, this happened:

kabuto Because when your pregnant friend is obsessively craving hibachi and her husband is working, you meet her at the restaurant and eat dinner with the senior citizens. 🙂  Kidding.  But it was funny to be completely done with dinner before 7pm.

Obviously we had to cross the street and check out this new piece of real estate:

ameliesWhile they are known for their Salted Caramel Brownies and other delightful pastries, it was absolutely crazy to me that the inside is a cleaner, less crammed version of what I am now referring to as “Amelie’s 1.0”.  Points to the team for keeping things relatively the same.  Atmosphere is just as important as culture.

Saturday & Sunday were kind of the same, with typical weekend “musts”, and my newest obsession added to free pockets of time:

newsroomThe Newsroom consumed my weekend.  I’m not even ashamed or embarrassed.  I still have Season 3 to watch, and I cannot wait!  I’m a little bummed the series was only 3 seasons, but I strongly recommend just watching it.  And now I kind of want to just watch shows after they end.  I LOVED watching continually and not having to break for sweeps, or summer, or holidays, or “breaking news” – which I realize is funny to include since The Newsroom is well, a news station!  No spoilers please, because I still have Season 3 to watch!

Totally random, but I’m pretty sure everyone loves Target.  If you’re a fan, are you also a cartwheel member?  It’s awesome!  My savings would be much higher since I signed up for cartwheel in March 2014, but the application wasn’t compatible with my phone, so I wasn’t able to start using cartwheel until August 2014.  However, I’ve saved over $50 in under a year!  Sign up – it’s free to join and so worth it!

cartwheel(Target doesn’t know I’m endorsing cartwheel.  I received the $50 badge alert as I was typing this, so I HAD to share it!)

I’m pretty sure that’s it for my weekend recap.  Hope you had a great weekend!  Have an even better week!!


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