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Last week Claire nominated me for a fun little list challenge.  The rules are pretty simple, the person “tagged” must share 10 things they love, 10 things they hate, and then nominate up to 10 other bloggers to do the same!  What a great way to already have a blogging topic, share it with your readers, and get to know others!

In order to make this interesting, I focused on 10 things I love and 10 things I hate that aren’t obvious…not an easy task!

L O V E S (in no particular order)

1. Sale/Clearance/Coupons.  I really love when something is on sale or clearance AND I have a coupon.  The other day I found a $50 ceramic pan with a lid; it was 50% off and then I had a 20% off coupon! #Score It is VERY rare that I buy a non-essential item at full price.  I almost have to have it right away in order to pay full price, and even then if time allows, I’ll look for something cheaper or an applicable coupon.  
2. Live Outdoor Music.  I will listen to just about any type of music if I am outside, with some friends, and maybe even enjoying an adult beverage.  I just love live music!  It’s fun, it’s relaxing, people dance.
3. Small Acts Of Kindness. I absolutely love those little things that end up being big things.  Walking into your favorite restaurant while they are switching out the flowers, only to be handed a bouquet.  Those types of small acts of kindness.  Instead of tossing the flowers (they were still very much alive), repurpose them to make someone smile.
4. Adult Beverages Outside.  I often joke that I am a “seasonal adult beverage consumer”.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with a glass of wine every so often, but I really like enjoying a beverage outside.  In college, 2 friends and I would meet in the courtyard between our apartments at night, enjoy a drink, and chat.  It was one of my favorite things to do. When I moved in to my first apartment, my neighbor and I would partake in “Neighborhood Beer Walks”.  He’d walk down with his dog after dinner, and we’d take the dog for a walk, while enjoying a drink. #ThisIsWhyIKeptABucketOfKooziesByTheDoor
5.  Friendships Which Don’t Require Work. I love my friends, but hear me out.  I have a good friend from college who I have not spoken to in a year.  We are both busy.  We have a mutual friend.  Collectively, we’ve probably spoken twice.  However, the next time we do speak, it won’t be awkward.  Sure we’ll need at least an hour to catch up BUT we extend grace and we are the type of friends that can pick up right where we left off no questions asked.  I love that! (It’s a feeling – I also have friends-turned-acquaintances in the same “haven’t spoken to in a year” boat and I can feel that the friendship is over…it just dissolved.  And that’s ok.) #ReasonSeasonLifetime
6. Hardworking Teenagers.  I absolutely love meeting well spoken, hardworking teenagers.  Or even just high school students with afterschool/weekend/summer jobs.  They are actively learning the value of a dollar as they earn money for a hard days work.  The right job offers so many life skills and I think it is important.  I make it a goal to let the manager on duty know if I’ve received exceptional service or witnessed something awesome done by a kiddo.
7. Respectful Children. Earlier today I was talking to a friend who happens to have 3 kiddos.  I commented on how respectful and mannerly her children are.  I love that!  When kids don’t need to be prompted to say please/thank you/my pleasure it just makes me happy!
8. People Who Love Their Jobs. This can range from the person washing dishes to the person with their name on the side of the building.  Nothing excites me more than someone who is truly happy to go to work each day! Think Chick-fil-A/Publix… 95% of those employees are always happy, and 5% of that 95% is over the top excited.  I love it!  But it has to be genuine.  I have no tolerance for fake happy.
9. Grocery Shopping. Ok maybe this one seems weird. But I love grocery shopping!  I love walking up and down each aisle.  I love when what I need is on sale.  I love meal planning.  I just really like to go grocery shopping!  #SelfCheckoutForTheWin
10. Talking To My Grandparents. Seriously.  I won the grandparent jackpot!  They are not only hilarious, but every time we chat, I hang up the phone with either a stomach ache or my cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.  They’ve been married for over 60 years, and were both born in the 30s.  To be 80+ and navigate everything 2000 to present day has brought with it, is amazing. #ColorTVToInternet #PoppyHasPinterest #AndInstagram

H A T E S (in no particular order)

1.  Red Lights.  I really can’t stand it when Every Single Light from Point A to Point B turns red and I HAVE to stop.
2.  Rude People.  It makes me really upset if I’m out and about and I overhear an employee being rude to a customer, or a customer being rude to an employee. I’m that person who feels the need to comment to the recipient of the rudeness that it wasn’t their fault. #Solidarity
3. Bare Minimum People.  You know what I’m talking about. You ask a question “Where are paper towels located?” The answer? “Aisle 85” Great. Because you’re standing in aisle 4 and the aisles are not in numerical order, so this should be fun. When really, the employee has plenty of time to WALK YOU to aisle 85 – he probably even knows a shortcut.
4. When people don’t use their manners. Come on folks!  It is not hard to say please and thank you!  Sing the song “Please and thank you, they are the magic words.  If animals could talk you’d hear the fishes and the birds, saying please and thank you, they are the magic words.  Use them in the morning and use them at night because it’s a great way to be polite. Please and thank you are the magic words!” 🙂
5. No songs on the radio.  I HATE it when all of my preset stations are playing commercials at the same time.  Shouldn’t you guys coordinate this a little better? —stealing this one from Claire because YES!
6. The TSA Checkpoint LINE. I fully support the TSA security checkpoint.  What boils my blood…the people in line in front of me who have NOT been paying attention (or never fly) and hold up the line because they have to take off everything they shouldn’t be wearing, fiddle around for toiletries, ask to borrow Ziploc bags, forget laptops in bags, think the rules just don’t apply.  Seriously people…it is NOT hard.  Boarding Pass & ID in hand. Belt off, shoes off, coat/scarf off.  Pockets empty. Laptop in 1 bin. Everything you removed in a bin. 3oz bottle bag in a bin.  Walk. Pause. Arms up. Wait. Collect personal items.  Not rocket science.  Get it together – research before you hold up my day! #LoveWhenImTSAPreCheck
7. Overhead Storage Hoarders. I cannot stand it when someone assigned to sit in the BACK of the plane, boards early, and places their carryon in the overhead compartment in the FRONT of the plane. Why? Because when I board the plane, and am sitting somewhere between rows 4-12, and I have to WALK RIGHT BY my seat to place my bag in the back bin, I’m furious.  AND then I’m STUCK on the plane even longer waiting for 10 rows to depart to grab my bag just so Stupid Mr. Last Row Who Thinks He’s Better Than All, doesn’t have to carry his bag down the entire aisle.
8. Oblivious/Sneaky drivers. I absolutely cannot stand when a lane ends and everyone has to merge.  Usually all drivers are in the left lane (since the right lane is ending), but Mr. My Destination Is More Important And I Can’t Wait, decides to ride the shoulder, or pass the lane that is ending and then merges into the correct lane at the front.  Hello, the 500 cars behind you were first , waiting, and followed the rules.
9. Expiration dates. I understand their purpose and I follow them.  However, sometimes I wish I could buy something on Sunday, but not need to consume it right away.  I like the idea of having milk in my refrigerator, but I don’t like its short shelf life – I rarely finish the entire pint/quart/half gallon by the expiration date.  The same applies to a loaf of bread.
10. When people spell my name incorrectly via email. My email address has my full name in it.  In order to send me an email, one must begin by typing “megan.” yet often times people type “Hi Meghan/Meagan/Meg” I am always baffled since they HAD to type “megan.” in order to begin the correspondence.


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