Talk About It Tuesday: Shark Week

talk about it2

Shark Week.

It’s not exactly something I’ve ever watched.  Some people love Shark Week, some people do not.  A few summers ago I remember raving fans complaining because too many of the features were obviously recreated and not real.  It’s amazing how a computer can make something look realistic and lifelike.  Pretty sure regardless of how close you live to sandy beaches and ocean waves, you’ve heard about numerous shark sightings and a few shark injuries.

I am a firm believer that you need to be aware of your surroundings, refrain from taunting creatures, and be smart.  I think a lot of animal attacks are because people are dumb, invade a creatures home/habitat, and think they are invincible.

Anyway, I had my own brush with Shark Week last week.  Ok, it wasn’t a week.  It was a day.  And by “day” I mean it was 2 hours.

My Poppy & I before Shark Week began 🙂IMG_20150626_160709074

My Mom & I took my grandfather fishing since it had FINALLY stopped raining and it wasn’t blazing hot.  He caught two horseshoe crabs and two sand sharks…but he had fun!

Here’s mother removing the hook from the first shark Poppy caught:


Both sharks were the same, and I can’t seem to make the picture of the horseshoe crab hook removal load.  Oh well!

Some of my favorite things 🙂

Chick-fil-A Sweet Tea, the beach, and Poppy in his happy place IMG_20150626_160502806I mean look at those adorable water shoes! 🙂


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