Hey Friday! July 3rd Edition


This week was great – I took Monday off and our offices are closed today.  I could really get used to a 3 day work week and a 4 day weekend! 🙂

Here are 5 of my Favorites from the past week.

#1 Explaining Technology


Each time I go home, my sweet grandfather thinks of a million computer/camera questions. 🙂

At almost 85 years old, he’s seen a lot of advancements and I have to give him credit – he can certainly adapt.  He reserves his library books online, checks the tide charts, maintains a Pinterest account, has an Instagram account (to scroll through, not to post), asked to Photobomb a picture and wanted to take a Selfie. #LoveIt

#2 This Super Awesome Email


Now I need to plan a trip to keep the excitement/incentives coming!  Any ideas?!

#3 Grandpa & his favorite Grandkids


Poppy & I came from fishing (well, I was drinking a sweet tea and observing), and brother came from work, but it was nice to get together for an adult beverage at a fun little brewery.

#4 Using A Lot Of This Today, Tomorrow, & Sunday


I cannot wait to lather up in sunscreen, put on a bathing suit, grab a beach towel, grab a book (and highlighter), a beverage, a snack, and find a pool chair to soak up some sun!  They say pale is beautiful – well, I must be model status because I have yet to reach a darker color this season. #CallMeCasper #Fryday #SoakUpTheSunSafely

#5 We wore stripes…can we be stars?!


Hope you had a WONDERFUL July 4th weekend!



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