Freedom Weekend Recap

Hope you had a Fantastic Fourth!

I always enjoy holiday recaps, and stats, and trivia, and collections of randomness.  Well, this made me laugh so I had to share!


I happily renamed Friday night the “July 4th Practice Round”!  Thankfully the Knights had a home game, so I got together with some friends for the “July 4th Practice Round”.  My friend Lauren (funny story – in high school I had an afterschool/weekend job and I worked with her Mom…in small town Delaware.  Now we both live in Charlotte.)  just moved uptown and has an awesome location for all things Charlotte. I mean you really can’t  beat this view:


Saturday was a different story.

This was the original view for the evening:


But since the streets were closed for a little Happy Birthday America party, we decided to venture out.  And then this happened:


Clearly the above view was iffy – but Uncle Sam blew bubbles and assured us the evening would go off with a bang! 🙂


He was right – the storm blew right by!  No rain this year was a nice change!  I’m really not one for this whole “selfie movement” but after standing in a variety of food truck lines, we were bored so selfies were happening.


Here’s the deal.  It was July 4th – we wanted burgers.  The Food Truck with the burgers was sold out, so we walked by the pizza truck on our way to a restaurant and got a whiff of the cheesy/pizza dough goodness.  So we stood on that line for what felt like 239 years, and as soon as it was our turn to order, they announced they were out of dough.  A nearby restaurant had a wait to dine in AND a wait of over an hour for carry out.  So we called a pizza place in the epicenter and had them deliver to the complex. Smart move.  Totally not “American” but we were all starving!


After we ate, we went back outside to walk around and then watch the main event!  #SkyShow2015


And yes, that guy had a TMNT backpack AND hat. #AmericanTurtlePower #ProudSupporterOfPizza


I absolutely love July 4th.  I also love that we were not in the below crowds….or fighting traffic.  It was pretty neat to sit on the balcony and watch a wide variety of fireworks in the distance, all while listening to the band (on the stairs of BB&T Stadium) play as everyone left the game.


Yesterday, Sunday, as I was running errands, I decided to fill up my gas tank and this happened 🙂


Folks, that’s how you end July 4th weekend…because America!

Kidding.  THIS is how you end July 4th weekend:

IMG_20150706_002806 IMG_20150706_002824


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