Talk About It Tuesday: Bucket List

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Let’s rewind to fall 2013.  I was having dinner with my neighbor, and as we were discussing life and goals, we came up with a “Before Megan Turns 30 Bucket List”.  Well, that birthday has come and gone and the bucket list is still here. #LifeFail

I taped my items to the outside of the frame so I could easily cross them off or add to the list.


Nope: July 4th Boston (could be 2014 or 2015)

  • Still on the list.  I went to Boston after the list was created, but I still haven’t been for July 4th festivities.

Nope: July 4th Manhattan (could be 2014 or 2015)

  • Still on the list, but not sure I’d like to keep it

Nope: College Football game & tailgate

  • Did not achieve this one either.

Nope: Visit Charleston

  • Thought I’d visit to celebrate the big 3-0 but those plans fell through.  I do still want to visit Charleston.  Maybe in the Fall.

Nope: Run a 10k (Cooper River Bridge)

  • I have participated in a few 5ks, but not a 10k, and not in Charleston.

Kind of: Visit the Biltmore/Mountains/Vineyard Tour

  • I’ve been outside of the Biltmore so this kind of happened.  I’ve also been to the mountains.  I haven’t completed a vineyard tour, but maybe a brewery tour will suffice. 🙂

Nope: Join a Meet-Up Group

  • Also didn’t follow through with this one

Yes: Bobcats game

  • Maybe I can gain extra credit for this once since I attended 2 Bobcats games AND a few Hornets games!

Nope: Broadway Show

  •  I still REALLY want to see Wicked.  And a few others.

Pending: Random Leap Of Faith

  • Quite a few things can be considered works of progress; Random Leap Of Faith being one of them.  In almost 2 years, I’ve had quite a few “out of my comfort zone” moments.  Let’s count this as “achieved”!

Do you have any Bucket List items?

If so, did you achieve your goals?  Fail miserably (it’s ok – I failed)?  Achieve them all?

While I look at this frame, in my head I see the word FAILURE (bold type and red) plastered over it.  The good news?  I can remove the items and start all over again.


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