WOW Wednesday: Extinction & Depletion.

wow wednesday3

Extinction & Depletion.

Yesterday I was driving down a road I used to travel daily.  Even though I knew I was headed in the right direction, part of me thought I had made a wrong turn.  Why?  Because the scenery was different.

The shade that would cover my car for about a mile was non-existent.

The view from the drivers seat was open, not one filled with trees, birds, and sounds of nature.

I could feel the heat from the sun travel through my windows.

The trees I once admired were gone.


Seriously though, for every housing development that goes up, every new office complex, every new retail establishment, I think those developers should have to plant trees somewhere in the city/town/county/state.

Think about it.  One day, our kiddos will see the following pictures in their school textbooks (if they even have textbooks):






Maybe that’s a little extreme, but I’ve noticed a lot of farms, fields, and wooded areas no longer exist.  Sure development is fine, but at some point – those people shopping or living in the new housing community, will wish for the shade of a big tree…and they won’t have it.

So the next time you’re out & about – enjoy the scenery.  Those beautiful trees or that pretty farm, may not be visible the next time you drive by.


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