Hey Friday: July 10th

FRIDAY haThis about sums it up.  Kidding!

Instead of listing 5 favorite moments from the past week, I’ve decided to go with snippets from TV shows that still make me laugh or that resonate with me!

Let’s dive right in, shall we?

#1.  Gotta love Barbara Jean! 🙂


Do you ever feel this way?  Sometimes I feel lonely, because I’m alone.

#2 Rachel…spot on

Rachel - YES

 Yep, this kind of goes hand in hand with #1 – but doesn’t sound as depressing! 😉

#3 Claire Dunphy is a hero sometimes

claire ha

I mean how many times do you just know everyone is thinking the SAME thing but no one will voice it, so you do? And then you feel a glimmer of regret.

#4 …and her husband, Crap Bag


One of my favorite episodes!  Gotta love Phoebe! (that’s P as in Phoebe. H as in Hoebe. O as in Oebe…)

#5. So. Very. True. (sad!)

mod fam

Luke with the zinger!  Sometimes I wish we could go back to a world with less technology.

#6 Bonus!  Because TGIF

mitch cam

Have a GREAT weekend!


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