Talk About It Tuesday: Bringing A Meal

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Over the years, I’ve made a lot of meals for friends who have been sick, or have been busy, or have had babies, or have husbands out of town, etc..  My favorite meal to drop off is after baby is born, because 95% of the time it results in baby snuggles!  I have my own “rules” regarding what I bring and how I do it, so I decided it would be a great share!


  1. Just Say No To Noodles. I refuse to make anything with pasta/spaghetti sauce because I think far too many people bring lasagna or baked ziti or baked spaghetti once that meal plan circulates.  No one needs a freezer full of lasagna/baked ziti/baked spaghetti, so I like to bring something different!  However, if someone in the group has a FAMOUS sauce recipe or Italian dish, they SHOULD bring it, because it’s what they are known for – but if 20 people are brining a meal over the course of a month or two, 18 shouldn’t be bringing noodles & sauce!
  2. Don’t Do The Dishes.  I ALWAYS drop off the meal in containers that can be tossed – the tinfoil ones (name escapes me).  The person you are bringing a meal too is obviously busy so they do NOT need another dish to wash and they definitely do NOT need to worry about keeping track of containers and returning them to the owner.  Now, if you’d like to drop off the meal in a container with a  lid – make sure you tell the person receiving it that you don’t want the reusable container back.
  3. Bring the entire meal.  If you are bringing a Rotisserie Chicken – don’t show up with just the chicken.  Bring a veggie, your favorite side to make or their favorite side to eat, some bread.  Something else aside from just a chicken. The recipient shouldn’t have to scramble at dinner time to figure out what to serve with the main course you graciously provided!
  4. Mix & Match.  You don’t have to bring a 5 course gourmet meal…and the recipient knows you so they don’t expect you to become an award winning chef!  Totally fine to make the main course and buy the sides.  I’m a huge fan of the “Ready to go” rotisserie chickens at my local grocery store – they are either Original, Garlic Herb, or Lemon Pepper.  Not only is it super easy and a time saver to use the chicken from that, you could also show up with that chicken as is!  And if you’re not someone who enjoys cooking – that’s the beauty of restaurant take-out/curbside to go!  Order their favorite meal from their favorite restaurant!
  5. Don’t forget dessert!  Seriously!  Everyone loves a sweet treat!  Maybe some cookies, brownies, seasonal desert.  The recipients favorite.  Have some fun with it – but keep it simple!

At the end of the day, you are helping out a friend – and they are beyond thankful for your generosity.

If you are planning meals to bring to a friend after they have a baby, I LOVE using … I am not affiliated with them and this is not a sponsored post, I’m just a fan!  The website is great – the hostess adds all of the details (recipients food likes/dislikes, allergies, how many you are feeding, drop off “rules”) and the dates that a meal is needed are in one color, once that date is taken it is moved to “red” and if you hover over the date you can find out who is bringing a meal that day AND what they are bringing.  So, if the meal options for this week are Tuesday & Thursday and Thursday is already taken, I can see that someone is dropping off Beef & Broccoli.  So on Tuesday, I’ll bring Grilled Lemon Pepper Chicken with Cesar Salad.

Do you have any “go to” meal drop off recipes?  Come back tomorrow for my Caprese Chicken recipe, pictures of the process, and how I packaged it to bring it to a new Mom & Dad last night! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Talk About It Tuesday: Bringing A Meal

  1. These are such great “rules.” I’ve actually never thought about the whole disposable container thing but that’s genius. I need to make a meal this week so I’m totally putting this stuff to use!

    Also – did you change up the comment place? I like it at the bottom of the post!


    • 🙂 Thanks! You’ll benefit from my rules in a few months! woo hoo! Hmmm, I did not change the comments location – weird. But yay for a good placement. Not sure how that happened, so definitely can’t make it permanent. Hopefully it’ll stay!


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