WOW Wednesday: Cooking

wow wednesday3

Remember that time Julie and I took a cooking class and became award winning chefs?  Well, I used some of those skills and made this delightful mean the other evening.  I also followed my “Rules For Bringing A Meal To Friends” as you’ll see in the final picture!


First, make your own Balsamic Glaze (super easy).

You add Brown Sugar and Balsamic Vinegar to a pot and cook it until it boils.


 Remove from heat once it boils and as it sits, the glaze will form.

balsamic glaze

Next, you’ll want to Season The Chicken before you sear and bake it.


After you season the chicken, place it in a pan, on medium high heat to sear each side.

chicken pan

It’s important to remember to not move the chicken for at least 2 minutes – until it moves on it’s own – so you don’t ruin/rush the sear.  After you’ve seared both sides, place it in a pan and in the oven to fully bake (25-30 minutes).

While you’re waiting, cut the fresh basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.

basil cut

I like to use a pizza cutter to cut Basil because I think it’s easier than using a knife. Once the chicken finishes baking, add cheese and tomatoes to the top of the chicken and put it back in the oven to melt the cheese.


Once you remove from the oven (SAVOR THAT SMELL!) add the basil and balsamic glaze!

YUM!  Not sure why I don’t have a final product picture.

Since I purchased chicken breasts and chicken tenders, I seasoned and cooked a chicken tender for me and made a sandwich 🙂 Drizzle some balsamic glaze on crusty bread, add a hunk of mozzarella cheese, some fresh basil, warm chicken – YUM!


The downfall of cooking at home rather than a class, turning around from the stove to see this:


That would be Hand Wash on the left, and put it in the Dishwasher on the right.  Apparently I use a LOT of dishes when cooking.

I remember taking a picture of the final meal in the tinfoil disposable container, with the recipe taped to the top, but I’m not sure what happened to it.  So just envision that.

I found my inspiration for Baked Caprese Chicken here.



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