The ESPYS – Speeches


I’ve always loved The ESPYS

The traditions, the jokes, the highlight reel, the excitement, and most of all the speeches.

Yes, the speeches.

Everyone has heard at least all or part of Jimmy Valvano’s speech:

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And if you’ve been living under the hardwoods and haven’t heard/watched his iconic 1993 ESPYS speech, watch it HERE before reading any further.

In my opinion, it was Stuart Scott who stole the show last year.  Do I dare say he’s the Jimmy V of at least this generation?  They were both pioneers in their field, fought a good fight, and were called home way too soon.



As a Stuart Scott fan (in Middle School I read our Morning Announcements over the school wide intercom…cool kid points…and the football coach always wrote the best sports recaps because they started with “Boo ya, Boo ya, Boo ya the Bucs win again!” or “That kid is cooler than the flip side of the pillow.” Yep, Coach copied Stuart.  I loved the 2014 ESPYS and seeing Stu receive the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance.  If for some crazy reason you missed his speech last year, PLEASE watch it.  Or watch it again HERE.  It won’t get old.

*disclaimer: now that my shirt is tear soaked…you may not want to watch Jimmy & Stuart back to back.  let’s proceed, shall we?!*


If you like to laugh out loud and silently cry while in the prescence of strangers, make this your pool book.  If not, read it from the comforts of your home!  Either way, join me in reading this book (picture of just Stuart links to book at B&N)!  Seriously though, I’m 4 chapters in and love it.  Definitely highlighter worthy. 🙂  Also, I had been laying on my stomach, hence the towel pattern on my legs!


Click the picture to peruse the Old Try – one of my favorite businesses and the creator of the gem above!

As for the actual award show, Devon & Leah Still received the 2015 Jimmy V Award for Perseverance.


If you click the Still Strong shirt, it brings you to a cool website with an overview video of the Still’s.


For all the corruption which often clouds the professional sports world, it was really nice to see maybe 98% of the NFL (perhaps 100%, I don’t remember) rally behind Devon & Leah and it was great to see other sports support them as well!  I love when so much power (and salaries that are way too high) are used for good! 🙂



 I DVRd the show and have only watched the 1st hour, so I have not made it to Devon’s speech yet.  However, I bet it’s a good one!

*NOTE. I am not affiliated with any speech/shirts/prints/videos I posted.  I just wanted to share.  No compensation, just happiness.  Feel free to do your research, peruse the websites, and enjoy…or don’t. It’s up to you!!*


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