Hey, It’s Friday: You’ve Got Mail Edition


5 on Friday…things that make me happy: mailbox edition.


I love receiving fun snail mail (and I bet you do to!).  But what I really love is sending friends cards/packages etc..  I have a few guidelines/suggestions for care packages that I think add a little something special.  Include a memory, include something the recipient loves, include something the two of you enjoy, include a snack – doesn’t have to be anything major, but just a pack of gum/favorite candy bar/cookies/local treasure.  It’s the thought that counts – and it’s an added surprise!

#1. Fun cards.

A few months ago I took a walk around my new neighborhood and walked into a local paper store.  They had some cute things, but my favorite was a series of small, flat cards from a local artist/designer.  If you click the image, it goes to her SHOP.  The only thing I’m not fully on board with is it’s not a “tent” card – as in it doesn’t open to write on the inside.  I understand that it’s a flat card AND it’s thick paper & letter pressed so the ink from the back doesn’t run, but it would be nice if it was folded (I do still really like the design).  I also think the card would make a great magnet.  I have some friends who had to relocate and are no longer in CLT but miss The QC desperately – if I add a magnet to the entire back of the card, it would spice up their refrigerator! (don’t worry – it’s a tiny card, not standard size, so ok as a magnet) 🙂  I just love letter pressed items!  Seriously though, I may be a bit of a paper snob.

clt sky card

#2. I love custom stationary.  Notepads. Cards.

I should probably place an order with The Studio by Fashion & Feathers for a block of custom stationary.  Ya know, something fun like “Megan, Go to Target. Buy These Things” or “From The Desk of Megan” or maybe just my name in a cool font?  Who knows….Claire, that’s who!  Have an event coming up?  She’d be happy to design your invites.


#3. Address stamps/labels.

I usually buy address labels from Target or Shutterfly when they are on sale, but if it’s a special event, I’ll occasionally make my own.  However, an address stamp is a great gift for new homeowners!  It’s also a great gift for a recently married couple – if they are in transition, you could always give them a gift card for the stamp!

#4. Box Of Sunshine


How cute is this to send to a person who just needs a bit of happy?  You may need to click the picture to enlarge it, but if you click the picture it’ll direct you to the website (thanks Pinterest) for more ideas and the printables.  This is also great for that person who loves the color yellow! 🙂  Occasionally my Mom would send care packages during my college years – always random favorites and I (as well as my roommates) loved them!  I think everyone needs a surprise and a smile every so often!

#5. Thank you.

Claire TY Cards

I still think it’s important to write thank you notes, and I personally think a thank you card says way more than a text or an email.  Remember Claire & The Studio from #2?  Well, she has these super cute Thank You cards in her ETSY Shop, The Studio.  If you need Thank You cards (you do, you should always have them – I have a pack in my travel bag for work and a  few in my laptop bag, why? because even the hotel staff needs a thank you!) Check them out!

***OH SNAP! The cards are on sale this weekend!  Buy them – and then send me one since I let you know about this great deal. Kidding. But seriously, buy some!***


*I did a Google search for “You’ve Got Mail” for an image to begin this post.  I also loved this quote from the movie.  Isn’t it crazy how 90% of that movie is probably outdated now?  Brick & Mortar book stores are few and far between, maybe 5% of the population still pays for an AOL email address, no one has that dial up internet sound anymore.  Crazy*

Happy Friday!

Have a great weekend – don’t forget to buy stamps! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Friday: You’ve Got Mail Edition

  1. Who doesn’t love receiving fun mail? I stayed in the same state when I went to college so no fun care packages there and I met my husband the last year of college, so no need to send care packages either. But these are great tips for sending good care packages.

    liz @ sundays with sophie


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