Weekend Recap

The beginning of the weekend was pretty cool. But this is how I feel today:


Friday night, I went with some friends to the soft opening of The Cellar (Charlotte Agenda article about it – no affiliation, just love that daily email!).  It’s a pretty cool concept. The owner of Duckworth’s decided to open an upscale, small plates, exotic hard to find beer, place with a speakeasy vibe in the basement of Duckworth’s uptown.  The “rule” was you’d receive a discount on food, but you had to give your honest advice throughout/on paper at the end. Sounds good to me!

Our picks & collective thoughts:

small plates

  • Brussel Sprouts – these were DELICIOUS! We almost ordered another plate!
  • Mediterranean Flat Bread – the flavors were fantastic! Our only complaint was too much arugula. I believe our line was “this was too messy to eat – definitely not date food!” *because obviously 3 single girls think about food as “date or friends”
  • A lamb dish (I forget what it was called) – I am not a lamb fan, but the plate looked cool.


  • Shrimp & grits – the person who ordered this said it was too salty. The dish had a lot going on! – shrimp, sausage, some other stuff
  • Scallop something – person who ordered this enjoyed it.
  • Cheeseburger – make sure you read the menu, the bacon was jalapeño bacon. My mouth was on fire after 2 bites! But the presentation was cool! *I had wanted a burger since July 4th, so it had to happen!



  • Smores truffle – homemade marshmallow sauce = yes please! The flavors were great, but this was also great hard to eat. Definitely meant to share but almost impossible to cut it to share it. We mentioned it would be best to crumble the Graham Crackers first, or at least break them, and drizzle the sauce & crumble the chocolate truffle.
  • Corn flakes crusted french toast – we did not order this, but I wish we did!

overall thoughts

I think it’s a great place for a snack & drink before a show, or meeting friends out. It’s also a great place to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while since it’s not a distracting atmosphere. It’s quaint – 77 seats – and a cool vibe, but obviously dark, hence no pictures for this post. :). I’d go back just for dessert because I really want to try that corn flakes crusted french toast – it came with carrot cake butter AND vanilla ice cream! 🙂 I wish them well and hope it’s successful! It was definitely fun to head downstairs!


This guy is next to the restaurant, so clearly we stopped for a picture – although I didn’t get the memo about wearing teal!

Since it was approximately 200 degrees outside, we took the Cruise Cart guy up on his offer to drive us back to Lauren’s…


Mind you, we walked the 7 blocks TO dinner and had already walked 5 blocks back, before the cart came. Great concept…companies sponsor the cart, riders tip. I like that! And according to my favorite morning email (Charlotte Agenda), one of the carts is a TRIVIA cart.  I’d totally ride that cart through all of CLT if it meant trivia! Cruise on, folks, cruise on!  Oh – and Friday Fireworks from the Parklet.  Great win Knights!!


Saturday, the Friday Night dinner crew, decided to check out Red Clay Cider Works.


It was their Grand Opening. Lots of activities in the front parking lot, food trucks, and a man singing. It was an experience to say the least! After enjoying dinner on a barrel, we ventured inside to see what that was all about.


Apparently we missed the photo booth. 🙂

I will say, I had the South End Sweet and had it been cold, I would’ve really liked it. It was served a few degrees below room temperature, and I ordered it outside if that tells you anything (we did NOT experience a cold front if that’s what you’re thinking)!  The general thought is if I was out in public and saw a Red Clay Cider Works item on the menu, I’d order it. Not sure if I’d go back right away. It was stuffy inside the place as well, no one wants to drink a warm beverage and be hot in the process! Definitely a fall place.  Would be cool if they had a few TV’s for Panther’s games – and tailgating in the parking lot since they utilize the parking lots to gather people, not park vehicles.  Opening Weekends are learning experiences so I’m excited to see what they do next!

My FAVORITE part of the weekend???


Julie & Scott delivered my standing deskable! (a deskable is a desk and a table…I’m sure Merriam Webster will call me soon about dictionary entry!)

I LOVE it! And it deserves its own post. So enjoy the pic above and come back Wednesday for the full reveal!

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!  Here’s to an even better week!


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