unWOW Wednesday

That’s right.  Wow Wednesday has now been renamed “unWOW Wednesday”.

Why? Because I lied.

I didn’t mean to.  It just happened.

Today was supposed to be the BIG REVEAL for my super-awesome-amazing-one-of-a-kind-exquisite deskable.


I am swamped with a few projects for my M-F 8am-6pm job (and yes, 2 have timed deadlines very close on the clock).

My “fit it in when I can” job announced a Flash Sale yesterday for BOGO Body Butter.Enrich BOGO Flash Sale 07212015so that’s been a little hectic (in a good way).

And I just haven’t had the time to devote to showing off my deskable the way it should be done.  Sure I could slap pictures and a few words on a post, but my deskable deserves so much more!

I PROMISE to write about it soon.  It was definitely worth the wait to have the deskable, so I keep telling myself it’s worth the wait to post about it!

Thanks for understanding!




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