Weekend Recap

I’m seriously still campaigning for a 3 day weekend. #CanIGetAnAMEN?


You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child?  Well apparently it also takes a village to be my friend.  Allow me to explain.

Friday was my friend Brandy’s Baby Shower.  I had another friend monogram an adorable gift (that I forgot to take a picture of 😦 ) which I was picking up on my way to the shower.  I packed a box, tissue paper, precut wrapping paper, and tape, so I could wrap the gifts together (I had some other things in the box as well) at my friends house.  Well, I sent her a text when I was on my way over “Hey! Leaving here in 15. I won’t forget to ask you, but in the event I do, would you tie my shirt when I get there? Thanks”  Which was met with a much more elaborate “Oh no!  We aren’t home. Gift on porch“.  So, I drove over, wrapped the gift in the back of my car (could feel the stares from the neighbors) while the strings for my top flapped around in the breeze.  As soon as I was done, I realized I forgot the ribbon.  So I called another friend who lives in between the gift house and the baby shower.  Explained what was up, and lucked out because they were home.  And she tied my shirt and the ribbon:


See, told ya.  Takes a village!

I’d like to point out that despite what this picture shows, I was happy to be at the shower….my face did not get the memo.  And can I just complain for a moment that I LOVE those white pants for the first 5 minutes I have them on, and then they stretch a good 2 sizes before the night is over? Totally forgot about that when I got dressed.

b shower

So excited for sweet baby J to join us in 2 months!!!!

Stephanie & I (blue dress) hadn’t caught up in probably 2 months, so after the shower we grabbed a drink.  I really felt like royalty:



I met my friend Loren for coffee, and a trip to Marshall’s!  It was a BEAUTIFUL morning so we walked across the parking lot to just look.  Yea, that never works.  So a cake stand and a pair of shoes later, and we left.

I came home to move some furniture around, and then spent some good quality time with Loren’s adorable little one.  The best part?  We had already spent a few hours together that morning, catching up, so once she got home Saturday night we started talking about a few other things and how we became friends and have been friends for 4 years and all that has happened in that time.  Friends are important – and friends you know you’ll have forever – even better!



I went to a friends pool…and finished this book:


“If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day.” -Jimmy V

It’s fitting that everything Jimmy V said, I experienced while reading this book. Yep, I ugly cried at the pool today (thank goodness for big sunglasses). Stuart Scott, you sir, were cooler than the flip side of a pillow.

#EveryDayIFight #ESPYS #Perseverance

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


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