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I had a really hard time determining if this would “qualify” as a This For That (forgot about those!) or a Throwback Thursday post.  I even had it scheduled as a Throwback Thursday, and then a This For That, but I never finished it in time.  Well, my blog, my rules, right?!  This is now an uncategorized post….with a nod to everything!


Well, on this Category Unknown day, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Specifically, my hair washing habits.

I am a shower and wash my hair daily kind of gal. Even if I stay in my pj’s from the time I wake up until before bed, I’ll shower, wash my hair, and put clean pjs back on.

On great hair days, I’d still go to bed and wake up the next morning looking like my hair had been through a tornado. I was never the girl who had good 2nd day hair, hence the daily washing and drying and most likely straightening.

I hate the idea of product upon product being added to my luscious locks, and repeated aerosol spray use is just not good for you to inhale, so I was never a fan of hair spray, or mousse, and I have no interest in “dry shampoo”.  I was a HUGE fan of Herbal Essences, and Pantene Pro V for my shampoo & conditioning needs.  When people my Mom would come visit, they’d she’d ask how many people lived in my 1 bedroom apartment because I had the following in my shower:




Yes, it looks excessive, but I had a method to the madness, and copious amounts of shampoo & conditioner. The Herbal Essences bottles were my “every day” choice, Pantene was weekends (or when I thought my hair needed a midweek change up…like when it was getting dry from Herbal Essences) and the 2 in 1 was for those times I was exhausted and had no desire to wash my hair and I didn’t want to deal with two bottles and two rinse cycles. #StrugglesAreReal

I also kept these in my shower,


because the Westin has my FAVORITE hotel shampoo & conditioner.  It just smells so wonderful.  Marriott, I love my status and my points, but your shampoo & conditioner options smell like a man.  Pretty sure it’s sandalwood and orange.  So that’s like woodchips and goo gone.

ANYWAY, we’ve learned I am all about some washing of the hair.  And you’re probably wondering how I thought this would qualify as a This For That or Throwback Thursday.  Well, buckle up folks, it’s about to get crazy!

If I had a picture of my old shower, you’d see quite the Throwback to the days of LOTS of hair care options.  NOW, not so much! I did a great THIS instead of THAT! 🙂

That’s right.  I have TWO and only TWO bottles in my shower! #Score

BC Clean Rinse2

This is in NO way a post to make you feel like I’m trying to sell you something.  It’s just my story.  And blogging is about sharing your story.

I have to admit, it’s different to switch from a Shampoo & Conditioner with a bunch of harmful ingredients to one that is natural and safe and uses essential oils, and only ingredients that are necessary.  I was addicted to the fragrance of what I used to use, and now I am addicted to the light, refreshing smell of citrus, and how great my hair looks! 🙂

Here’s the rundown on CLEAN, Beautycounter’s Shampoo.


And RINSE, the conditioner.


I’m not sure how it worked, but my hair is now healthier, shiny/silky/cleaner, and I receive more compliments on how great my luscious locks look!  One of the best parts?  I have GREAT 2nd day hair (and yes, I still wash it each day) but I often wake up, throw on clothes, and run a few errands without feeling the need to shower immediately and do my hair, or throwing on a hat.  I brush it and I’m out the door!  Not oily, not funky looking. Love that!

And since someone will read this and ask, let me just anticipate the question: Yes, a kids line exists! It’s called Kidscounter.

Since we can’t forget the kiddos!  Allow me to introduce you 🙂


The kids line smells delicious! I mean I may or may not have used it one day just to check it out (because it’s important to know what you’re educating others about) and not going to lie – it’s great stuff!  NICE DO Shampoo has a great, light orange scent, NOT A KNOT Conditioner definitely wins the “silky smooth” category, and SQUEAKY CLEAN Body Wash has a nice grapefruit scent!  If I had kiddos, I think one of my favorite parts would be the fact that it’s gluten-free, nut-free, leaves hair shiny & soft, silky smooth & tangle free, oh and the ingredients include broccoli seed oil and extracts of carrot root and strawberry, pomegranate and cranberry fruit extracts…so if your kiddo doesn’t eat her veggies, at least she can absorb them through shampoo/conditioner/body wash!  #Kidding

So there we have it.  My random account for Shampoo & Conditioner and how much I shower/wash my hair.



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