WOW Wednesday: The Deskable

Remember when I had this PLAN to build my own desk?

And a good part of that plan was to just buy the wood, glue it, hammer it, and be done?

And remember when I mentioned building a “desk” I really meant a table, because I wanted to stand, so the desk wouldn’t be traditional with drawers or anything like that?


Well, Operation Desk quickly became a bad structurally unsound idea for me to continue.  Until my super awesome friend Julie volunteered her husband Scott to build my deskable! 🙂

Yes, Julie cooks and Scott builds things #PowerCouple

It has taken me far too long to write this post, because nothing I write seems to adequately describe how thankful and grateful I am for Julie & Scott, and how much I LOVE my deskable!  Seriously, the vision in my head was nothing compared to how FANTASTIC it looks!  I mean I had a vision, and Scott surpassed it!

Look at this craftsman ship for the back legs:


And the back and front legs:




Isn’t it GORGEOUS????

*the desk is 100% level, my floors are not 😦 The original location for the deskable was perfectly level, but it was too far from both the electrical outlet and the internet/phone outlet.  So, the corner (where the deskable is now) was the only option.  This means it is not on a level surface, hence the cardboard and paper wedges under the legs.  I’m working on something better, but until I stain/paint, this works now!*


I still need to stain/paint it, and I’m going to paint it white.  This way, it’ll match, and it’ll match the normal sized table I have my printer on.  Part of me wanted to wait to post until I had time to stain/paint, but I realized that probably won’t happen until this weekend or next weekend.

I LOVE it!  If Scott decides to open up a Deskable Designs store, I’ll be sure to let you know!

See, wasn’t it worth the wait?!?! 🙂  I’ll answer for you: It was!!


2 thoughts on “WOW Wednesday: The Deskable

  1. Julie cooks? Shouldn’t that read “Julie cooked that time in cooking class”? I do make an acceptable spaghetti. Ps. Your office is looking good. Can’t wait to see the finished product.


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