What Do You Do For Fun?

This is my 4th time writing this post.  For some reason, it won’t save, and my computer keeps freezing.

I view these issues as Gods way of saying “Megan, you’re dancing on the line of appropriate & inappropriate – so I’m going to take care of this for you.” 😉  #Noted

So here’s the post without my strong opinions about parents shoving tablets in their kids faces instead of books because the parent is too overwhelmed and doesn’t want to invest in their child abridged version.  #YesIAlmostWentThere #StrongOpinions #EachSituationIsDifferent #BookBeforeBattery #ColorBeforeCharge

You’ve probably already seen THIS commercial or at least read an article about it.

Hat tip to Nature Valley, because I find this commercial hauntingly beautiful.  Why?  Because it is so very sad, but so very true.


2 year olds these days have their own iPads/iPhones/Kindles, and I’m pretty sure you could hand any smart phone to a 3 year old and they’d know how to turn it on, unlock it, and navigate the main screen.  #SoSad

So, what do you do for fun? 

Hopefully it’s something worth writing about or sharing – because you can’t photograph and frame that time you sat in your room for 4 hours playing a video game.



3 thoughts on “What Do You Do For Fun?

    • I know! I mean everything in moderation, yes. Each child is different, yes. But the kiddos addicted to a handheld device and can’t function without it – breaks my heart. Imagination and pictures are becoming extinct.


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