What’s Up, Wednesday?

Life.  It gets busy.

Let’s start with a weekend recap.

Friday night (which was actually just really early Saturday)

I sent this picture to Claire:


Found my glue gun at almost 1am.  Why is this important?  Because Saturday was “Craft With Claire” day.  Why that never made it as a hash tag, the world will never know!

How many friends greet you with freshly made waffles upon your arrival?


After Brunch, Claire & I ran some errands to gather craft supplies.


and took a mid walk selfie in the Target parking lot.

It was game on for craft time.

I’m happy to report I didn’t burn off my fingerprints and my hands are not still sporting the paint color used.  Why is spray paint so sticky??  I didn’t take a picture of the finished products, but I’m sure Claire will blog about them soon!


How cute is Claire’s shirt? Well, 20% off with my Cartwheel app made it even cuter! #TargetRocks

On my way back to Charlotte I called Julie to see if she had dinner plans.  People, I kept telling Julie I felt like a horrible friend because we really hadn’t hung out or really talked in far too long!  I am SO bummed we didn’t take a picture.  Julie was probably embarrassed to be seated with someone rocking gym shorts, a t-shirt, and spray painted hands. 🙂  So here’s one of my favorite pictures:


Late afternoon on Sunday I really wanted a steak of some sort.  I do not have a grill, so that was out of the question.

It was like God knew the desires of my heart stomach, and a commercial for Outback Steakhouse was on TV.  Did you know on Wednesday & Sunday you can order a Salad, Entrée w/side, and Dessert for $12.99?  Well, I was sold! So I placed an order online for a House salad, Steak (well done) with a baked potato, and a slice of Carrot Cake.

I pulled in to my Curbside To Go spot, waited, paid, left.  Came home super excited, opened the bag…

I had 2 containers. 1 with a salad. And 1 with the steak and baked potato.


Oh well.  I decide it’s Gods way of saying I didn’t need dessert.  So I get the baked potato ready, and then put the steak on my plate and start to cut it.

People. I was sad.


Pictures do not fully display how PINK and the further in I cut, how RED my WELL DONE STEAK was.  So I called the restaurant because I was confident I didn’t receive the correct order and I figured if the person who wanted a medium rare steak received a well done steak, they’d also call.  I also did not want to pack it all up, get in the car, drive 15 minutes there, wait, drive 15 minutes back.  It was more of an informative call.  Well, to make a long story short, I ate the baked potato, and cooked the rest of the steak on my stove top – it was amusing to say the least.

Hope you had a great weekend and have had a wonderful week so far!


3 thoughts on “What’s Up, Wednesday?

  1. 1. I’m not allowed to use glue guns.
    2. Claire’s shirt IS cute!
    3. Um, I didn’t notice your outfit. I didn’t even notice that my pants weren’t completely buttoned until I got home.
    4. I love that you had fancy Take Out.


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