The Truth…About Business Travel

Each time I leave for a work trip, someone always says “Wow, it’s so great you travel for work.  How nice to go to (insert city here) and not have to pay a dime.”  But what people don’t realize is work travel isn’t all that exciting.  In fact, I said numerous times last week that it doesn’t matter where we meet because we never leave the hotel, OR we go from airport to meeting to hotel to meeting to airport.  #WorkTripsAreNotVacations

Now, I am beyond thankful to be able to travel, and I really enjoy our meetings, but I usually return home exhausted.  Mentally and physically drained.  And I haven’t visited a single landmark, or dined at a famous spot, or done anything touristy – which is fine because it isn’t a vacation, it’s a work trip!

Over the years I’ve discovered a few tips to make life easier.  The first picture I take is of where my car is in the airport parking deck:


Because let’s be real, when you fly out early and land late at night, you rarely remember.  And it’s near impossible to park in the same spot each trip.

I land, retrieve my rental car, and drive to the hotel/meeting space.  95% of the time I pass a main attraction and wave:


This past trip I was rather fortunate to go a day few hours early and explore.  Since I had been to New Orleans numerous times already, I had a general idea of where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, so I ended up finding a great hotel deal and stayed within walking distance of Bourbon Street/Jackson Square.

Seriously, this hotel was my FAVORITE ever!

That shower!  I am all for a rainfall showerhead! IMG_20150809_130240060_HDR


The lights were IN the mirror and it was awesome!  AND the hotel had a REAL hairdryer.  I usually bring my travel hairdryer because the ones provided by hotels are weak and no one has an hour to spend drying their hair. IMG_20150809_130250206   Of course a refrigerator with complimentary water is always a perk.   IMG_20150809_130805063USB and regular outlets = best thing ever!IMG_20150809_130720769HELLO!  EVERY HOTEL NEEDS HARDWOOD FLOORS!  IMG_20150809_130713613_HDR  Seriously though, I wish all hotels would remove the carpet and switch guest rooms to hardwoods.  It just seems cleaner.  And it looks better.  This room was my favorite.  It wasn’t cluttered.  It was clean.  Crisp.  Modern.  I was sad to be there for less than 20 hours (which included 2 showers and 8 hours of sleep).  If you need a hotel in New Orleans…let me know!  I strongly recommend this one.

*Also, I usually reserve a room with 1 King Bed if I know I won’t have to put anything together.  But if I’m putting together presentations and meeting materials, I reserve a room with 2 Queen Beds.  This way, I have a bed to sleep in and a bed to lay out and organize materials.  Again, I despise hotel carpet, but if hotels would have wood floors, I could keep the King bed and just piece things together on the floor.*


Monday morning I woke up and left New Orleans to travel to 2 of our offices and move into the hotel where our meeting was being held.  That white cardigan was just for show (and because I’d be rolling my suitcase and have my backpack on my back I wanted a buffer) because goodness it was H.O.T!  I’m talking:

the weather as the plane was taking off: clt

and on my way to the New Orleans hotel:


At one point I sent Julie a screenshot of the RealFeel because it was 115* … pretty sure that picture melted off of my phone because I can’t find it.

So from Monday afternoon until Thursday, I went from my hotel room to our meeting space and back.  We left to go across the street for dinner, but other than that, it was a great visit to a hotel.

So far, I have driven to Atlanta, and have flown to Boston, Detroit, Houston, and New Orleans.  I could probably drive from CLT to ATL and back with my eyes closed.  Why?  Because it has been the same route each trip – it doesn’t change.

One of the best parts of last weeks trip:


I had the ENTIRE row to myself!  I was super bummed to be wearing a dress (couldn’t stretch out and enjoy the extra room) but I was so excited to not have to talk to someone.  In fact, out of the first 6 rows, 5 rows were lucky to sit alone and the row in front of me was window/aisle with the middle open.  We were all pretty shocked and excited!!

So that folks, is work travel in a nutshell.


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