New Orleans: Street Art

June 2004. June 2005. June 2006.

Three years of visiting New Orleans.  Three years of returning home without Street Art.

Here’s the deal.  The culture of New Orleans is awesome (post coming next week) and street artists form a border around Jackson Square and sell their creations.  It’s really impressive.  Each trip I was a little bummed that I didn’t purchase something from these talented people, but for various reasons it didn’t work.  Well, once I knew I’d be back in Louisiana, I knew I HAD to return to CLT with a piece of art!


I started my trek here, and noticed that this side of the street wasn’t exactly “New Orleans” enough for me.  I made a quick right off of Pedestrian Mall and stopped for some refreshment of the adult beverage variety:


The next group of artists were equally impressive, but just didn’t speak to me.


I mean look at the above pieces – STUNNING!  And totally my style.  But they were a little pricier than I had anticipated.  Looking back, I would definitely purchase from this artist, since this is a piece that would fit everywhere.

The next road was a little too dark for my liking, hence no pictures.

Then, just when I thought the hunt was over OR I’d be paying more than I had budgeted for, this happened:




I mean look at this


Here’s the deal.  Collectively, these pieces were great.  And Josanne (the artist) was really cool!  She explained everything, and had such emotion when talking about her pieces.  I just felt drawn to these, was all about the ownership Josanne had over her art, and just really felt like the whole thing “spoke” to me.  And everything came with a certified letter of authenticity. #Score

While the piece I purchased may look a little childish and doesn’t really match anything I own, I think it’s a perfect representation of New Orleans.  I love that the Krewes are represented, the 2nd line is there, Drew Brees makes an appearance, as does Café du Monde, No Parking signs, and so many other important pieces to New Orleans.  AND Josanne caught the coins from a variety of the Mardi Gras floats this year!

August 2015.

Mission Accomplished.


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