Science On The broken Rocks

Have I mentioned how much I love living in Charlotte?

Well, Friday evening I parked at the top of a parking deck and got out of my car to this viewIMG_20150821_180724004_HDR

and enjoyed the walk to the elevator. IMG_20150821_180755647

It was time toIMG_20150821_180912756

at Science on the Rocks!  If you’re not familiar with the concept, Discovery Place Museum is 21+ from 5:00pm-9:00pm the 3rd Friday of every month.  You can read more about it here!

You know you’re big time when you sell these in your gift shop! 🙂IMG_20150821_181745201_HDR

We walked around and saw some pretty neat things…IMG_20150821_183519804_HDR IMG_20150821_191110007 IMG_20150821_191827855_HDR

It was all fun and games until we entered the TODDLER area and became way too excited about the GIANT LITE BRITE.  You see, the pegs are heavier and wider than expected (especially for toddlers) and somehow I dropped one and this happened:peg 1

That orange peg hit the corner of my phone, causing a crater sized hole and shattering the entire screen.  Oh, and the peg also broke.  #FreakAccident #Science?

The picture just doesn’t do it justice. peg 2

So as of 7:15pm Friday, I was sans phone.  I realized I should be the first one at Verizon Saturday morning so after dinner I went to Target and bought an alarm clock.  And called my Mom from my LANDLINE to let her know I was alive and my phone was not, and in an emergency and only an emergency she could use my home office number to call me.  But again, if I wasn’t home, I wouldn’t know she called. #StraightUp1995

And then I realized I had made a few plans for Saturday.  So I had to email a few people the situation.  And then I emailed the people I talk to/text the most to let them know I was alive but was only available by email until I found a new phone.

Well, after 45 minutes, I came back from Verizon with my first ever iPhone (and my 2nd Apple product. iPod circa 2007 which I’m still baffled by and stopped using at least 4 years ago).  Folks, the learning curve is rough.  I am so confused and I’m having a really hard time figuring everything out.  OH and the instructions in the box are worthless.  3 instructions and 2 include how to turn the phone on and off.

For some strange reason some of my contacts transferred but it was only an email address, and then some contacts transferred but with phone numbers.  And the people I talk to the most?  Yep – didn’t transfer at all.  SO WEIRD!

However, the Verizon Cloud is great and I can manually add all contacts numbers I’d like to.  I suppose it’s a great way to purge 6 years of numbers I don’t need.

I should’ve known the weekend was going to be amusing when a gentleman knocked over his wine glass at dinner Thursday evening and this happened:



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