Weekend: Party of One

party of 1Friday evening I had plans that ended up not working out.  Bummer, right?!?! (I did not cancel but I liked the above image too much to not use it!) So I put on some comfy clothes, got cozy on the couch, worked on the details of an upcoming work meeting, planned my errands for Saturday, sent Claire a few texts (including a list of potential names for Baby Girl), all while watching John Luke & Mary Kate’s Duck Dynasty Wedding Special.  #Winning

party of 1 a

To further extend my super awesome Friday night, as I was running errands Saturday I decided to try out a new pizza place.

I walked in at 4:00pm and it was empty – which is understandable since it was an odd time, but I’ve never been to an empty CFA.  #JustSayin #MovingOn

Pretty good chance the owner (who was really nice) felt a little sorry for the gal eating alone, so he brought me a garlic roll to try.  Well, if you’d like to remain alone, by all means eat the entire thing. #HolyGarlicBatman

Seriously, so much fresh garlic on the top it was almost spicy.  It wasn’t my thing, but I’m sure garlic lovers will be all over that.

I decided to sit at the bar so I could watch the magic happen, and because their wasn’t really a good spot to sit alone.

image image image

I will definitely return to this fine establishment because the pizza was great!  and it wasn’t “heavy” it was just good.  I like it when I eat pizza and I don’t feel gross.  This was delightful!  I also liked that my pizza came on a large plate.  It kind of bothers me when you order pizza (apparently the new thing is personal pizzas) and they bring it on a pizza pan (you know, that silver circle) or a large spatula with wax paper.  It was nice to be served a pizza on a large, ceramic? plate.

I finished running some errands, which resulted in buying a pair of sneakers.  Well, I wasn’t keen on them in the store, so I came home and wore them around the living room.  Looks like they’ll be returned this week because they just aren’t for me.  I just can’t get behind certain looks.  Prime example:


Those pants.  Seriously.  When did elastic waist AND elastic ankle jeans become a thing? #MakeItStop

Even though my Sunday plans were all over the place – I was finally able to catch up with my long lost friends who left CLT last year and moved to PA.  Even though we only had a few hours to catch up (I saw them briefly for dinner Wednesday once they landed) it was nice to hang out.  Sadly, we never took pictures.  BUT we did go to dinner before they left, so we were a party of 4!  Moving up in the world.  🙂

*Because people don’t really understand, and my Mom is baffled by it and won’t do it, I feel like I should add that it doesn’t really bother me to eat alone.  I have certain places that I do not mind going to by myself, and places that I wouldn’t dare go alone. I’ll spend anywhere from an hour to 4 hours at the same table in CFA, minding my own business – but also talking to the team.  They are my people, so I never feel alone.  A few other restaurants I enjoy because even though I do not know the staff, I feel comfortable there, and hidden if I’m alone.  And I’m not afraid to admit that occasionally if I am craving something from a place I wouldn’t go to alone, I place a to go order and I order two things.  And then I tell the person my name, but that I may send a friend to pick up the order instead.  OR I give them my info and pay for it over the phone, and then tell them “insert name” will pick it up.  And then I arrive and reference “insert name” and my name and pick up my order.  Complicated and weird, absolutely.  Way too much thought put into one dinner (and now lunch and dinner the next day) absolutely.  BUT, sometimes it’s just hard being Megan: Party of One.”

That’s it for me.  Nothing overly exciting.  Looking forward to a long weekend next week that’s for certain!

Hope you had a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Weekend: Party of One

  1. So where is the pizza place??

    There are places I will eat by myself & places that I won’t as well. But, the whole time I’m trying to look like I’m totally comfortable & don’t feel awkward at all. And, one time I spilled my drink…I tried to laugh to myself & look totally cool while inside I wanted to curl into a ball in the corner.


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