And all God’s people said “Amen”!

I LOVE fall.  It is no secret that I am happiest in shorts and a sweater, or jeans and a long sleeved shirt.  All cozy on the couch, reading a book, drinking a hot beverage, with the windows open, a cool breeze, and an apple cinnamon/pumpkin candle.  Oh, and football.


September 1st is more of a New Years Day to me than January 1st.  I blame 17 years of education (K-12 and 4 years of college) for this fresh start mentality.  But September just signifies NEW.  New backpack, new planner, new notebooks, new dreams, and in some cases new clothes.  Everything is fresh.

 I have a few personal, professional, and part time professional goals for the month, as well as a few great trips planned.  I’ve got big plans for September, and can’t wait to share everything with you in October!



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