Throwback Thursday: #WTFWeVote

I really like American History and Government.  I had great Government/Civics/History teachers in Middle & High School and at one point I thought I wanted to be a history teacher.  Well, I was pretty psyched when I found out about this event:


Tuesday evening was the Charlotte Mayoral Candidate Forum, commonly referred to as #ShakeUpCLT and #WTFWeVote.

image image  If you haven’t already figured it out “WTFWeVote” is a lovely play on letters for “We’re The Future We Vote”

The first half of the night was pretty cool.  It was PechaKucha style which I love, so I was totally on board.  (if you’re not familiar with PechaKucha, click this link.)

The 2015 Charlotte, NC Candidates for Mayor (who were in attendance)

Dan Clodfelter

Introduction slideimagePlans to add some NYC flair to CLTimageWhile this next slide received applause, mentioning that if you’re the Mayor, the Panthers will be the Super Bowl champions is just crazy.image

David Howard

Introduction slide.image

Edwin Peacock

Introduction slideimage image image image

Jennifer Roberts

Introduction slideimage

Scott Stone

Introduction slideimage image

Once 20 slides in 20 seconds was complete, it was time for a rapid fire Q&A.


One of my favorite parts of the evening?  Julie’s comment on my Instagram post of the above picture:

That looks like the worst play ever.



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: #WTFWeVote

    • Ha! I realized as I typed everything out it was becoming apparent who I was leaning toward, who I didn’t like, and who I wanted to know more about. That’s why I only added “intros” to Clodfelter since he’s currently the Mayor and spoke first. I will say, I definitely learned who I am not voting for…and who I thought I’d vote for, but who I want to know more about because I think I’d vote for them. It was definitely a great, educational event.


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