Throwback Thursday: Renaissance

Hop in your time machine and buckle up folks, we are throwing it back all the way to 1999! #WhatTheWhat

Freshman year of high school we had an authentic Renaissance Dinner (in the gymnasium), and proudly displayed our faux family crest and news stories.  It was a big deal for the teacher and classes involved.  Our class was invited to participate as well, and I don’t remember everything (I’d have to consult my super awesome scrapbook) but I do remember soaking the paper of my story in hot water & tea bags and maybe vinegar, letting it dry, and burning the edges to make it look authentic. And then being frustrated when the flame got a little out of control and I couldn’t blow it out quick enough. Since I was in the Honors English class, we didn’t focus on many “fun” events, but we welcomed the break (but didn’t necessarily welcome the additional workload) and enjoyed the evening.  Also, who wouldn’t want a family crest containing 98% glitter? I couldn’t find a picture of my crest, but I did find this picture…..


The Verona News. A dress with a long sleeved shirt under it. A crown…well, it was actually a wreath my mom hot glued little flower buds to and then glued ribbons on the back almost like a veil.  Clearly I was loving this. #Not


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