Peer Pressure.

I’m not one to cave to peer pressure.

If everyone is jumping off of a bridge, I’m too busy thinking about the consequences and contemplating another option. #SafetyFirst

However, when I trust you, I’ll follow your lead/listen to what you have to say.

Example: Yesterday Claire featured this post with some great Fall Fashion. After I read it (and decided I needed the striped cardigan with the elbow patches) this happened: image

Get excited. Matching cardigans coming to Fashion + Feathers, and That Wasn’t The Plan in 8-28 business days.

*shipping was free, but I went for the $1.99 fee for a tracking number*

oh, and this skirt may or may not be on its way as well…


  1. I mean how cute AND it kind of matches my post from Friday about what I wish I was wearing!

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