Happy Birthday Julie!


Today is a great day!  Why?  Because today is the day the world celebrates the one and only JULIE!d3cd41484cfc39aa0b6385c66c6f8935

Here are 5 of the MANY reasons Julie is the greatest:

She LOVES Checkers Hockey.  Actually, I’m convinced she loves any sport where fighting is encouraged.  Seriously.  Julie is one of the sweetest and kindest people I know – but goodness she loves ice hockey fights!  It’s great!!


She’s always up for an adventure.  Well, occasionally she isn’t even seeking an adventure, it just happens! (Where’s Waldo, Miley Cyrus, St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl) and she really pushes people to be better.  Speaking of an adventure, she’s currently learning to speak FRENCH!  I’m hoping this leads to a French Culinary class because macaroons. 🙂


She’s all about some Charlotte sporting events!  And posing with props at said events.  She understands my geeky/nerdy side with getting the most out of your time/the event, and I love that!

Julie Knights

She’s caring and supportive and encouraging.  Seriously.  Julie has such a heart for serving others, and she really goes for it and adds such extra special touches.


She believes in your dreams – and if you can’t make it happen, she has people who can.  I mean she encouraged my deskable idea by offering her husbands skills!  Julie never stops believing in you – even if you stopped believing in yourself.


JULIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I hope you had a super fantastic amazing day and I CANNOT wait to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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