Welcome to New York!

imageRewind to Summer 2014, my friend Lindsay and I decided we should celebrate turning the big 3-0 with a Girls Weekend in New York City!  We had all sorts of plans but life happened and we were never able to find a time we were both available between our birthdays – or even right after.

Rewind to Summer 2015, the end of July to be exact, when Lindsay realized she was quickly approaching her 31st birthday so we knew we had to figure something out so we’d both still be 30 while visiting the city that never sleeps.


I mean I kind of HAD to change the labels for my first two daily alarms! 🙂

To begin our adventure, we took a bus from Lindsay’s house which brought us to the Port Authority Terminal.  I must say, we made the BEST choices when it came to transportation!


After walking from the Terminal/NYT building to our hotel, we dropped off our bags and walked to Grand Central Station for lunch!  We knew we wanted to enjoy Shake Shack and thanks to one of my friends who lives in NYC, he offered a great tip to go to Grand Central to eat to beat the crowds in Times Square/the park.


Danny Meyer. You are a culinary genius! image

That Red Velvet Cake crumbled into/on top of vanilla custard was divine!



I’m not even a fry person but those crinkle fries were so good!

As much as we really wanted the scene from Something Borrowed where Ginnifer Godwin & John Krasinski enjoy Shake Shack in the park, we knew we didn’t want to hightail it to the park (or Times Square) and stand in a really long line.  While that burger and those fries are TOTALLY worth the wait, when you’re hungry and have a lot to accomplish, you must do what’s quickest!


Oh, and eating at Grand Central was awesome because we also enjoyed a few goodies from Magnolia Bakery!


How’s this for NYC??


We didn’t want to look too much like tourists, but we still wanted to have a few pictures to document our weekend, without asking a stranger.  However, I still struggle with how to take the proper selfie.  #AwkwardArms


We ended up loitering by the ticket counter in the middle of the room because we were convinced a flash mob was about to happen (pretty good chance we both watch way too many movies set in NYC) and we didn’t want to leave and then find out we missed a Grand Central Flash Mob.


 They were both wearing black, and standing by a massive instrument!  #NotAFlashMob

Once we left Grand Central, we were headed to Times Square!


On our way, we passed one of the nicest Food Truck owners (Ken, striped shirt holding container of samples!) and the BEST Kettle Corn I’ve ever tasted.  Despite Julie’s horrific popcorn event, I wanted to eat a bag of this Kettle Corn, as did Lindsay, but neither one of us wanted to carry the bag since we were just getting started.  We asked the man where he was going to be next and had intentions of visiting, but just didn’t make it.

If you’re in NYC and see this truck – buy the popcorn.  It was possibly the best blend of sweet and salty.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Welcome to New York! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Welcome to New York!

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    • Thanks! It was a BLAST! The nail polish is OPI Taup-less Beach and I need it in my life! It was gray yet had a purple or blue feel to it depending on the light! I’m just not a fry person – CFA waffle fries sure, but I rarely order them. I’m not opposed to fries, but I’ve never liked crinkle or curly or steak fries. 🙂


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