Welcome to New York! Part 2

I’m not sure how many days it will take for me to blog NYC.  I don’t want the posts to be too long, but I don’t want to forget anything either.  #Conundrum …it’s more than my favorite wine! 🙂

If you missed Part 1, you may find it here.

After lunch, we decided to walk to Times Square.  Well, we took a little detour…



The people of New York City are so very lucky! 🙂


*We must pause for a moment and discuss the pink shoes.  I’ve had them for YEARS.  They are surpsingly comfortable and are often my “airport” or “pop of color” shoes.  While I didn’t like them with the entire outfit (blue necklace) the shoes I was planning on wearing looked great in my head but not on my body.  So, the pink flats became my official NYC footwear.*

So after my Chick-fil-A photo shoot (the door was open, so I walked inside as well!) we walked by The Counter!image

I always thought The Counter was CLT specific, and really liked it.  Then it closed and Cowfish came to town.  #MovingOn


Ahh, with everything that happens in Times Square, I was not surprised to see this…


So many people. So many lights.

image image

AND a board promoting our Broadway Show!


This is a rather frightening scene for little kiddos … #HeadlessElmo #HeadlessOlaf #OlafShell


We were pretty bummed we wouldn’t be able to hop on the big FAO Schwarz Piano Keys, so we decided to check out Toys R Us to see if it was comparable.


Nothing like walking in to a massive carousel!

While Lindsay looked around upstairs, I stayed put next to the price scanner because goodness, we were all for using any outlet we found to charge phone batteries! #GoogleAndMapsDrainBatteries

image After Lindsay made a purchase, we both walked back upstairs and ran into this guy…


The FAO Soldier next to the BIG PIANO! 🙂

We walked out a different door to return to Times Square and that’s when we found Willy Wonka. #MinusTheChocolate #NoWonkaBars


Looking back, I wish I picked up a box of Nerds or a roll of Sweet Tarts for comparison.  The boxes were HUGE! I’m talking carry on suitcase huge.  If they had just Strawberry (or if I was checking a bag) I totally would’ve grabbed a box for Claire…even if it meant lugging it around NYC the rest of the afternoon.

We walked outside to complete our Times Square exploration and saw this iconic site.


The Naked Cowboys.

On that note, come back tomorrow for Part 3!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to New York! Part 2

  1. Not to be all repetitive but great pix again. I like the pink shoes with the blue necklace. You had enough neutrals on to balance it out. And somehow when you sent me the nerds picture I missed the part about them being ginormous. Probably because you texted me late at night or something. And by late I mean after 830 because that’s late for a pregnant girl whose hubby gets up at 5. Yes, sometimes I want to punch him.


    • Thanks! 🙂 Yay – I loved the necklace without the shoes and the shoes without the necklace but yes, it does all “fit”! HA!!!! I totally wish I held the box for comparison – though if I bought it, sounds like you’d throw it at Dave at 5am! 😉


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