Welcome To New York! Part 5

NYC Round Five…let’s do this!

(Part One – Part Two – Part Three – Part Four)


Saturday morning we decided to take a brisk walk to our designated spot to get back on the bus (seriously, the best transportation decision) and start our day.  However, we had loose breakfast plans but needed a little something.  Our hotel was next to/connected to a mini Starbucks (not that we’d be unable to find one, as of August 2014 there were 9 Starbucks locations for ever square mile in Manhattan) .  I was just going to get a latte and a piece of banana bread or something until I saw this glorious sign:


BANTAM BAGELS!  I LOVED this couple when they were on Shark Tank and was SO VERY EXCITED to try their product!  I ordered The Classic and French Toast (and I may or may not have decided that while we were waiting for the bus and had time to spare, I needed to walk the 10 steps to the Starbucks across the street and buy more :))

This was our “we are not tourists, we are NY’ers” picture we sent to Lindsay’s husband. Starbucks. iPhones. Serious face. Funny face (with double chin :(). NYC Yellow Cab coming for us.

IMG_1020 (1)

On the bus, ready to conquer the day with Starbucks in hand and a 2nd order of bagels!


We decided to begin our day in Chinatown.

IMG_0802  This was probably my least favorite part of the trip.  I STRONGLY DESPISED the people following/continuing to talk/shoving wrinkled laminated papers in your face/haggling to get you to buy knockoff Louis Vuitton bags and Cartier bracelets and Rolex watches.  I was also NOT a fan of the random foods along the street – the smell was a little too much (and we were there early…before the sun hit the random meats and seafood).  Although the cool part was that I felt like we were in another country – didn’t even feel like the big city.

The Organic Market was really neat.  Colorful. Friendly. Didn’t smell bad. 🙂


And most importantly it was across the street of our “MUST DO” item….


As we were planning this trip, Lindsay & I each had 1 thing we wanted to do, and then a few things we collectively wanted to do/see.  They were our non-negotiable, will-stand-on-line-for-as-long-as-it-takes items.  10 Below was on this list since we missed the cronut craze, we decided rolled ice cream is the cronut of 2015!

10 Below did not disappoint. 10 Below website. 10 Below Buzzfeed Article.

Well, since the Buzzfeed article mentioned the long lines, and my NYC residing friend reinforced it, we decided to go early.  Apparently we went too early.  We were the line.

Since we had 75 minutes to fill, we walked a few doors down to this adorable café, charge our phones, and sipped blueberry tea!


And then our new friend Wilson came to get us (he sent us to the café so we wouldn’t have to hang out on the steps) and told us to come to the shop so we could watch the Buzzfeed Photo shoot for the next article…and EAT the creations for the photos! #Score


Lindsay ordered the “I Love You A Latte”


and I was dead set on “S’mores Galore”

Step 1-IMG_0824

Step 2-IMG_0825

Step 3-IMG_0827

Step 4-IMG_0828

Step 5-IMG_0829

Step 6-IMG_0838

Step 7-IMG_0842

Step 8-IMG_0845

Step 9-IMG_0849

And what it looks like 15 minutes after the store opened:IMG_0848

#ThatsWhyWeWentEarly #LineLeaders

We walked back through Chinatown to take the bus to our next destination, and passed this random mode of transportation…


More tomorrow! 🙂


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