Welcome to New York! Part 6

Congratulations friends, you made it to the final installment of my NYC adventure!

If you missed the first 5 posts, you may find them here!

I could definitely break the remaining parts into 2 separate posts, but as much as I LOVED being in NYC (and have already started to plan the next trip!) I’m kind of over blogging about it! 🙂

The historic Trinity Church:


We hopped off the bus, hopped on a different bus, and got on a boat!  It was cruise time! 🙂


While the cruise was a nice way to see so much, it was WINDY.  Holy knots!


But the knots were worth it for pictures like these!


I mean, great weather and great views!


I love history!!!


Such a windy picture of freedom.


Goodbye, Liberty Enlightening the World!


Once we got off the boat, we took another Uber to Chelsea Market for a much needed LUNCH.  The one thing we didn’t do Saturday morning was eat something substantial to power through until lunch time.  So couple that with a hot, rocky boat ride, and we were two people who needed carbs stat.


We wanted to go to Chelsea Market for lunch and it was PACKED.  We were both a little shocked to see it so crowded at 3:45 in the afternoon.


We ended up eating tacos (since our first choice served brunch until 4:00pm but gave us the lunch menu at 3:45pm…seriously? And “lunch” was in the name of the restaurant. #Liars)

IMG_0944 IMG_0935

The guac on the tacos was great but the salsa was WAY TOO SPICY!  Not even a warning.  My mouth was on fire.

After lunch we decided to walk the Highline and it did not disappoint!


Towards the end of our Highline walk, we ran into a really cool Lego display!


How neat!



The below pictures I thought were cool:

IMG_0960 …


And this cheesecake was pretty much the best cheesecake I’ve ever had!



The only thing I’d change about the Junior’s cheesecake is adding a buttery graham cracker crust!  Their cheesecake has a really moist angel food cake crust and I wasn’t a fan.

Not sure if this picture made it to the other posts, but it was one of my favorites!


There ya have it!  New York City in 6 posts! 🙂

It really was one of the best trips ever!  Lindsay & I decided we’re either going to go to NYC each year OR go to NYC 4 times and somewhere else when we have #0 or #5 birthday!  Who knows!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to New York! Part 6

  1. Great photos! So glad you girls had a great time.

    I ordered a Juniors cheesecake one time off of their website & was so disappointed about the crust. 😦 I agree about having a graham cracker crust!


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