5 on Friday: HOME

Friday, sweet Friday, it took you forever to arrive this week…yet I feel like it was just Monday.  #WackyWeek

#1. HOMEcoming

Tonight is the “big” Homecoming game at the high school I attended.  The youngest kiddo of one of the families I consistently babysat for all through High School, and would watch when I was home from college (and still keep in touch with) is attending HER first HIGH SCHOOL HOMECOMING tonight. #WhatTheWhat

Since I was pretty much part of their family (and attended all family events), I took the kiddos to a lot of my high school commitments, and their Mom was always a Student Council Advisor, so the kiddos weren’t strangers to Homecoming Week festivities or extracurricular events.  But to think it’s HER turn to partake in the traditions is just craziness!!


#October2002 #ThatWas13YearsAgo #Dang

#2 Friends from HOME 

When I was home a few weeks ago, I was looking for something and ended up flipping through my Senior Year scrapbook.  I like blogging.  I love Instagram.  And I REALLY like gallery walls in my home, but I wish I never stopped scrapbooking.  It really is a great hobby and so very worth it.  Anyway, the only other “throwback” picture I have on my phone, which also happens to be from Senior Year Homecoming, (and also from my senior year scrapbook) is the one below.  A lot of my friendships from middle and high school didn’t last, but from elementary school to now, this friendship is one of the best!

IMG_0387  #TotallyWantThatCardiBack

#3 HOME is where the grandparents are

My sweet grandmother who HATES to have her picture taken, so you really have to be sly like a fox 🙂


And my grandfather who loves that he can see himself in the phone, yet still doesn’t smile! 🙂


#4 HOME is where butter is not scarce

A fantastic “home” recipe is coming to the blog soon – but for now, holy butter!


 #5 HOME is where I grew up


HOME is where your people are.  Home is defined many ways.  I often think home isn’t necessarily the driveway you enter, but the family, friends, and framily you have when you open the door.

I’m lucky to have 2 fantastic grandparents to come home to, and a mother who picks me up from the airport regardless of what time my flight arrives. 🙂

Happy weekend, friends!


2 thoughts on “5 on Friday: HOME

  1. It’s official. We’re old. I saw a picture of the Eriksons on FB today and Gwyn is almost as tall as Dr. E. What? She was 3 when I first met her. That cardi is totally cute – good thing you got another black and white one recently. I wore it on Friday and got tons of compliments 🙂 Yay for Richard and Emily and your mom’s sweet note about breakfast.


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