Weekend Recap

It only rained 35% of the weekend – a huge victory compared to the past 2 weekends!

Friday after work I met a friend and her mother in law for dinner.  They were in town for an event, and they were near me, so it was great for a quick get together!  AND, we went to a place Uptown for dinner I hadn’t been to yet (Carolina Ale House) and it was rather delightful!

Sadly, we didn’t take a picture. But since we did eat EARLY, I decided to visit Marshall’s after dinner!

And came home to watch the PREMIERE of Undateable!


This show is hilarious!  And now that it’s live, I get an extra chuckle when someone flubs their lines or just can’t reign it back in! 🙂

Saturday I drove through some serious rain (again) for Claire’s 2nd Baby Shower!  I’ve been pretty spoiled with two back to back weekends of hanging with Claire and her family!


Two weekends of rain.

Two weekends of showing Claire and Baby Girl with love & presents!

Much prefer the Baby Showers over the Rain Showers!

Sunday afternoon I decided I wanted a doughnut (which is not something I ever really want…I’m a warm chocolate chip cookie and/or ice cream person – not a doughnut person) anyway, we have a new to the area doughnut place and I was super pumped to go get a hot doughnut.  Let’s face it, cold doughnuts aren’t worth the time, or fat & calories.

Well, I stand in line. And wait. And it’s finally my turn. And I open my wallet and what happens? My plastic currency is not where it’s supposed to be. WHAT!  That’s when I remember that I stopped at the gas station on my way home from the shower festivities Saturday night and put my card and receipt in my raincoat pocket.  #Fail

My emergency $20 was also gone, so I went to my car and grabbed my emergency $5 (doughnuts aren’t necessarily what the emergency cash is for, but I was not in the mood to return to the shop).  So I pay for my doughnut, drive home (not the original plan) grab my plastic money, grab a $5 to replace the one I used, and run my errands.

I’m returning something I bought, and what do I see when I look for the receipt?  The emergency $20!!!  I knew I hadn’t used it, BUT I’ve switched wallets and cards so many times recently, the $20 was crumbled and hidden between my voter registration card, a business card, and a receipt.  Nice!

I came home and had the sudden urge to reorganize my office.  Pictures coming this week!

Hope you had a great weekend!!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. So much fun to hang with you two weekends in a row! And I love that you used your emergency cash on a donut. Except that now I totally want a donut. And if I drive to get one, that’ll mean I have to fold laundry when I come back and then it’ll be after 9 when I go to bed. And that’s just completely unacceptable considering I don’t sleep much after 3am anyway. #preggersprobs


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