5 on Friday: Skylines

I’m OBSESSED with city skylines.

I scour street art displays, art galleries, anything with pictures/paintings, looking for the perfect skyline piece.

I have a vision for how I’d like to display my favorite skyline pieces, and a lot of thought went into it.  You’re probably thinking “who makes a pro/con list for skyline art?” I do – that’s who!  It’s serious.  Am I looking for sunsets? Skyline at night? Seasonal? Pictures? Paintings? Sketches?  Serious questions here people! 🙂

I haven’t purchased a single piece yet, and I also do not have the wall space for my vision. #OneDay

So, here are my 5 current favorites:

#1 Charlotte, NC at night – hello Panthers!

#2 Charlotte, NC at night – July 4th

#3 Charlotte, NC at night – Romare Bearden Park

#4 NYC at night – Top of the Rock

#5 NYC – snow covered – from the photographer I purchased a few prints from, but his website is currently down 😦

Do you have a favorite skyline?

I’ve also entertained the idea of adding a skyline piece from each of my favorite travel destinations.  So many choices!

Have a GREAT weekend friends!

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