Weekend Update: Work. Wine. Winning.

FRIDAY. I had plans to attend the Halloween themed Science On The Rocks event at Discovery Place (where I shattered my phone screen in August).  However, I ended up doing this…


until 10:30pm. Yep…working on a PPT presentation and converting Excel spreadsheets.


I mean I LOVE my Stand Up Desk, aka deskable, but not from 8:00am-10:30pm because the view doesn’t change.  Although Thursday night I decided to hang the black frame (hence the level in this picture) so I guess the view changed a little bit.


I’m pretty confident this explains my weekend of working rather well…


SATURDAY. I opened the windows, ran the dishwasher, did laundry, and worked.  Julie and I were supposed to celebrate her birthday, but unfortunately she was under the weather. 😦  No fun!  So we are rescheduling the festivities!!#BelatedBirthdaysAreBetter

 Since I had to back out of SOTR I decided I needed a lunch break.  It was gorgeous and I wanted to eat outside and maybe somewhere fun.  Well, that inquiry ended up turning into VIP entry for the South End Wine Festival!


The weather was rather warm for a light sweater and scarf great and as soon as the sun was behind the trees it was perfect! Seriously, this was the most RANDOM event but it was SO MUCH FUN!

I knew I wouldn’t remember the wines I really liked, so I took pictures of the labels. The red blend was fantastic but that white wine was my new favorite!!!

image image

As we were leaving I decided I needed a “set” of the commemorative tasting glasses.  (you were handed a tasting glass upon entry…so a wine shot glass) and the table behind us left 2.  So I swiped them.  Somehow I came home with 7 glasses. 🙂


I don’t feel bad about being one of the only people with a “set” of wine tasting glasses.  I do feel bad for people who don’t understand how to handle a Wine Tasting 😉



Anyway, we had such a fantastic time at the Wine Festival that we decided to continue the day at Nan & Byron’s!  Julie, I’m sorry but N&B’s has fantastic popcorn!!!

Dinner was great but dessert. YES PLEASE.

This was by far the BEST banana pudding ever!!!


While I didn’t try them, these Nan’s Oreos looked great…and now I want them!


SUNDAY. Is best summed with these 2 pictures.




and the added bonus of this GEM! 🙂


Hope you had a FANTASTIC weekend!


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