Wacky Wednesday: Plans

Funny, I named this blog “That Wasn’t The Plan” and yet I rarely discuss plans.  Barely touch on a great plan – or even a lack of plans – or failed plans.

Plan 5

Well, here’s what I mean when I say “That Wasn’t The Plan”

Exhibit A: I purchased a fruit cup from CFA (because they are AWESOME) Monday morning – with the PLAN to eat it as a morning or afternoon snack.  Well, for some STRANGE reason, I could NOT remove the lid.  It was suctioned on and impossible.  After multiple failed attempts, the lid flew off….and my fruit went flying as well.  Those orange specks? Tangerines.  The white cubes? Red & Green Apples The blue dots? Blueberries The red pieces? Strawberries

Plan 1

See. Told you CFA had a great fruit cup.

The Plan? To enjoy the fruit cup, not clean it up off the floor/stove and toss it. 😦

And yes, those are my jeans, hanging from my pots & pans rack (not pictured) air drying. #BecauseKitchenLaundryIsAwesome

Exhibit B: The fun ribbon wreath.

Plan 3

The Plan? To have a big, pretty bow at the top, ribbon that was so adorable and perfect. And for something that looked Pinterest worthy.

The truth? I like the wreath as is (because the flowers I scored Sunday REALLY pull it together) and it works for now – because I didn’t have the time or energy to make it look like the picture in my head.

Exhibit C. To fly US Airways with status.

Plan 4

Well, I have no control over this one.

The plan: STATUS. The American and US Airways Merger (completed this past Saturday) ruined those plans with their new rules.

But you know what – this note below sums up all those failed plans, and working plans, and not yet discovered plans, perfectly.

Plan 2

Let’s celebrate plans – in each and every form.


2 thoughts on “Wacky Wednesday: Plans

  1. Bahahahaha that happened to me on the fruit cup too!!! Except I was in the restaurant. I don’t know but the new packaging isn’t cool. Great, great, great quote! xo Amanda


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